Have you ever wondered why it’s easy to LOVE certain people and more challenging to LOVE others? Is it really about them? I would question that one? Why? We project what we have inside. When we say I LOVE YOU to someone, it’s not about them, most often it’s because they’re following “our” rules about what LOVE means to us and our heart is open, so LOVE is flowing.

What happens when we “don’t” LOVE someone is that they’ve triggered our judgments, hurts and wounds inside and we’ve closed our hearts for protection, most often it’s not a conscious choice, it’s more an unconscious, automatic response. When we close our hearts, we block the flow of LOVE and keep our pain contained, but doing so just makes us go insane. We blame the other person for being mean, but what we’re really doing is being mean to ourselves because we’re cutting off the flow of LOVE, get it?

If we’re hurting deep inside, we often try to protect ourselves from others who activate our judgments, hurts and pains. This is why I say, some people are easier to LOVE then others. If they activate our wounds, our automatic response kicks in and blocks the flow of LOVE, it’s our own blockages inside, the areas that we haven’t yet healed.

If someone is being mean or abusive, they’re hurting. We treat others the ways we treat ourselves. When ya really get this, you might have more compassion for them. We don’t know what someone else has been through, or what they’re going through, we haven’t walked in their shoes.

Am I excusing the ways they behave, no, that’s not what I’m saying. And I’m not saying to be around them if they’re abusive to you. What I am saying; is that most often, if someone is lashing out, they’re in pain, they’re saying “I don’t know how to handle life, please LOVE me.”

Again, why is it so challenging to LOVE certain people and not others? What is LOVE? If we’re defining it from a human perspective, then there are rules to what LOVE is. This keeps true LOVE from flowing. LOVE is the energy of our essence/the energy of the universe and it’s alway flowing. Us humans allow it or block it by opening or closing our hearts.

Most often we think LOVE comes from others, this happens a lot in relationships, we “fall in LOVE with them” and we think “they’re” our source of LOVE and we fall apart if they leave. Why? We think that LOVE comes from a human being, instead of it BEing an always flowing energy. If we think LOVE comes from outside, we’ll spend our lives chasing after people and things on this earthly ride.

The rules we learned about LOVE when we were younger, either inferred or through direct suggestion are the rules we most likely follow today. Most often if we “Don’t LOVE someone” it’s because they’re not following “our” rules or they’re not saying or doing what we want them to.

What if we didn’t have any rules and we let LOVE flow in it’s natural way. What if, just for today, you say, “I’m going to let LOVE flow no matter what happens in my earthly show.” Your mind might say, I can’t do that, I can only LOVE those who are loving me, who are treating me as a valuable being and doing and saying what I want them to.” Well, that’s your choice, I’m not telling ya how you should BE, however, if ya really wanna BE free, then letting the LOVE flow is the way to peace and harmony.

In my perception, the greatest cause of suffering isn’t about being attached to things, it’s about NOT letting LOVE flow naturally.

May you find that space inside of you, that’s willing to allow LOVE to always flow through.

Loving you beautiful souls

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