Have you ever heard the expression “Where attention goes energy flows.” This is true and, or BUTT, yes but, if an issue arises, don’t ya think it’s getting your attention for a reason? Many people are in so much fear to look at issues when they arise or feel what they call “Uncomfortable feelings” because they think they might create it. Guess what, if it’s coming up, you’ve already created it. Perhaps it’s coming up to help you. Can you see how it can be your friend instead of an enemy you have to run away from or avoid?

“Once we make peace with everything that arises, we’ll no longer be fooled by the mind’s disguises.”

i feel ya, it’s not easy to feel feelings that we say don’t like and as a mature adult it’s necessary. Why you may ask? Avoidance of ANYTHING we feel fragments us. Also, what we resist persists. If if’s coming up in our lives today, it’s time to listen to what that part of us has to say. If we push it down or run away from it, what we’re doing is creating energy blockages in our bodies which can create illness, fatigue, body ailments, etc. Please don’t do this to yourself and choose LOVE instead of fear.

In one of my recent posts I wrote about paying attention to what you’re saying. Too often we hear something from someone else and we start saying it too, not even realizing what we’re saying, we’re just going along with the ways everyone else is playing. For instance “Only focus on the feel good feelings and if you feel bad, try to feel good instead.”

Here’s an example; imagine yourself as a little child and you’re hurting and crying or scared and your mother or father tells ya, “Stop crying or there’s nothing to be scared about, you should be happy.” Now any time those feelings come up, you don’t know what to do with them because they’re not accepted. Instead of feeling your feelings you found a way to cope through eating, doing drugs, keeping busy, drinking alcohol etc. You never learned how to be with yourself when you’re feeling sad or scared and now you’re doing what your parents did to you. How do you think the little one inside of you is feeling? They’re asking for you to be with them in a loving way. They want to feel safe and LOVED by you, not pushed aside. They’re sending you a message through your feelings, perhaps it’s an old wound that keeps asking to be healed so you can be free and live in LOVE, peace and harmony.

How can we really enjoy our lives if we’re only allowing certain feelings to be acknowledged and felt and other feelings pushed aside? If we never learn how to embrace ourselves with whatever we’re feeling, we’ll constantly be in our minds trying to figure out which situation will bring us pleasure so we can avoid pain. It’s kinda a screwy way to live if you ask me and keeps stuck in a rut. First of all, we can’t predict what will happen in any circumstance, even if a circumstance caused pain before doesn’t mean it will this time. If something caused you pain in the past, don’t ya think it’s time to look at what happened and notice the ways you perceived it? What are you believing is true about you or the circumstance that’s being triggered today. What’s asking to be LOVED, shifted and healed inside so you can be free on this earthly ride?

There’s nothing wrong with feeling pain, it’s there for a reason. There are no good or bad feelings, let me say this again, there are no good or bad feelings. it’s what we say they mean that will determine whether we’ll allow them or run from them. Can you imagine how much more easily your life will flow when you allow whatever feelings come up to be felt? Once we’re able to accept everything that life brings and we learn how to be a more loving BEings, it’s amazing how much more peaceful we feel inside as we move about on this earthly ride.

It’s not about looking for issues, it’s about embracing them with LOVE when they arise and seeing what messages they have for us. Sometimes a feeling just wants to be felt, if ya have anger scream, hit a pillow, lay on your bed or the floor and have a tantrum. If you’re feeling sad, let yourself cry, if you’re feeling pain, breathe with it, What? Yes, breathe with it, let go of the resistance to it, that just exacerbates it. Once you’ve let your feelings out, think of someone or something you LOVE and let this feeling permeate throughout your body glove.

So, don’t be afraid of the dark my LOVES, embrace it all as part of your learning here. The more you embrace all of your feelings the more free you are. I get it, it’s not easy, I go through this too and it has gotten easier and I feel more freer. Why? I listen to the messages my feelings have for me that are guiding me on my journey. That energy needs to move inside, it’s also showing me whether I’m believing in truth or lies so I can BE free on this earthly ride.

Do you want a magic pill to heal? Allow yourself to feel. Get used to inviting all of you to BE LOVED and cherished all the way through. When you do, you will see, what it’s like to be happy and free. Loving yourself unconditionally is truly a magical place to BE.

You can do this, I believe in you and I LOVE YOU

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