Have you ever worried about something and it didn’t happen? Have you ever worried about something and it did happen? Are we really creating our reality by what we’re thinking? How do you know that what you’re focusing on “manifesting” wouldn’t happen anyway whether you focused on it or not? Do you believe that the universe has your back or are you focused on the worldly facts, trying to “Make” things happen your way so you can feel LOVED or worthy in this earthly play.

How do you know that A “bad” experience won’t turn out good and that a “good” experience won’t turn out “bad.” Which, I encourage you to let go of judging good/bad, right/wrong and just call everything an experience, this will take away the subconscious interference and help you clearly see, what’s happening in your reality.

Here’s another one for ya, are ya ready? Have you ever got really excited about something and it happened? Have you ever got really excited about something and it didn’t happen? What are you basing your happiness/excitement on? Many people say they don’t base their happiness on their circumstances, but I tend to see this not being true, hey, I sometimes do this too. It’s what we’re taught, “Be happy when things go our way, when people agree with us, like us and do what we say, be mad or sad if the opposite happens.”

The world can give us many reasons to be happy or sad depending on our perceptions, AND if ya wanna go even deeper, depending on what we’re saying it means about us, get it?

We wouldn’t feel bad or get mad when something we don’t like happens or when things don’t go our way IF we didn’t have under”lying” beliefs like “I’m unlovable, I don’t matter, I suck, etc.” Are ya getting what I’m conveying here? If we’re focused on the outer to determine whether we’re LOVED, worthy or that we matter, well, we’re gonna constantly be going up and down, the highs are great and the lows suck. But……. and this is a big BUT, what if you stopped judging your circumstance and you saw and embraced EVERYTHING as an exciting experience? Now, you might be thinking WTF is this girl talking about? How can I get excited when I’ve lost everything? How can I get excited when I’m in pain or I’m struggling with an illness or addiction?

I feel ya, it’s not easy, especially when we’re seeing from the human perspective, however, if you go deep within, you’ll find the win. What do I mean by this? What is it showing you that you didn’t want to see, the things you TRULY believe? How is what you’re going through serving you? How is it helping you grow? How is it helping you have faith and release the inner debate? How is it helping you connect with and trust in God, the universe, or whatever you wanna call it? How is it showing you that you don’t really have control of the outer, that stuff happens and will continue to happen no matter what you do. To this one I would say, we might not be able to control the outer, but we do have control on how we experience it, get it?

This is why finding your CENTER is so important. When you’re centered in YOU, the LOVE within, you’ll be able to feel peaceful no matter what happens. You’ll also be able to see things from a higher perspective instead of from ideas that are defected.

And, ya know what else is really cool about being centered in YOU, you naturally follow the inspiration that flows from the light of your inner glow. You’re not fooled by the worldly appearance that creates all kinds of interferences. Instead you’re in tune with your spirit, your heart and soul, you’re feeling the radiance of your inner glow. You’re not trying to figure things out or filling yourself with fear and doubt, you’re moving with ease, feeling aligned, happy and FREE. You’re open to learning the lessons without resistance or subconscious interference. You’re flowing with life in the most amazing ways and this allows you to really enjoy the day.

This is WHY doing the inner work is so important, ya gotta look at what you believe inside, this is what’s filtering what you’re seeing and experiencing on this earthy ride. Is it easy, it ain’t for the faint heart, but hey, once you start to, you’ll loosen the glue and eventually you’ll get to experience the TRUTH of YOU, now that’s pretty darn exciting wouldn’t ya say? How do I know, this is how I live today. If I CAN do it, you can too, if you’re NOW ready to join me, together let’s shout, woohoooo!

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