There’s so much more going on then what we’re seeing, this is true with manifesting our dreams as well as what needs healing. When we’re triggered by a situation, most often we think it’s because of the situation at hand, however, what’s really going on is we’ve been triggered to notice a deeper wound, something that happened in the past where our energy got blocked inside and now this is the place where we confide.

Why did our energy get blocked? Because we didn’t know how to deal with what was going on or we might have been told that we were wrong for how we were feeling. Sometimes this was pre-verbal. Either way, that energy got stuck inside and now when we’re put in similar situations it activates that energy so it can be LOVED, healed and shifted.

Many times when I see a client who’s struggling with an addiction, body ailment or challenge they’re going through, as we continue with the session, what comes forth are things that’s happened a long time ago that hasn’t yet been resolved inside and this is how they’re seeing themselves and life.

It’s never about the food, alcohol, whatever we’re addicted to. It’s not about trying to fix the pain with aspirin, medication or something else, yes, sometimes surgery is necessary, however, if we don’t heal the underlying cause, then some how our bodies will get our attention again through something else.

There’s an energetic cause to illness, depression, ways we act out in addictions and even to “success” and whether or not we’re able to manifest money or live our heartfelt dreams.

We get triggered if we haven’t healed our deeper wounds and that trigger is helping us IF we’re willing to do the inner work and take personal responsibility, instead of doing blame. Why is it helping us? We’re not meant to carry that energy around with us. In order for us to ascend, expand and live in our truth, we must heal so LOVE can be revealed.

Many people choose to spiritual bypass, but eventually we’ll have to deal with any “negative or lower vibration” energy that’s inside of us.

Most often we’re not even aware of what’s going on inside, even when we have issues at hand. Let’s take a recent example I experienced, are ya ready? Someone was interested in coming in for a session and then they said “I can’t afford it.” What I was hearing them say, the meaning behind what they were saying is “I really don’t want to change, I’m not ready, I’m scared.”

It’s not about the money, it goes so much deeper then that. In this case, if one would think it’s about the money, then they’re actually losing money every day since money is energy and energy is life, they’re missing out on life daily as long as they’re not at peace inside, get it?

Hey, I’m not saying a session with me or anyone else will shift your life in a day, even though I’ve seen this to be so, most often it’s a process. When we say yes and take action, it opens the doors for the universe to take us seriously and things start to flow magically.

Money can be an excuse for many things, however, if we REALLY want something bad enough, we will do anything to get it. Once we bring what’s really going on deep inside into the light we can see the internal fight. Like in this case, the internal fight for this person was not really wanting to or frightened to change. Sometimes we need to get sick and tired of being sick and tired eh?

I truly believe this is an ongoing journey while we move through earth school. Once we have the tools to deal with our issues and we heal what needs to be healed, more LOVE will be revealed and we’ll start to experience peace inside as we move along this earthly ride. When we deal with issues as they arise, instead of pushing them aside, our energy will flow more freely today and life becomes more and more exciting in every way.

How do I know this is possible for you? If I can do it, you can too. Do I get triggered, I’ll honestly say, not as much today. I feel at peace in places where I didn’t before, I’m experiencing more LOVE and happiness then I ever have before. I’ve walked through my shadows and I’m living in LOVE and it’s my joy and honor to assist you in doing the same, so you too can really enjoy this earthly game.

Loving you beautiful souls

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