Have you ever read something and said “Wow, that was so amazing.” And then the next thought that came up was “I wish I could write like that.” And then ya starting feeling bad because you got caught in the comparison trap, thinking they’re “better” then you or that you’re not good enough and the critical voice started on its rampage. Urgghhh, I’ve been there too and sometimes this still happens “out of the blue.”

So, what can we do? Here’s my suggestion for you. Take a step back and notice what you’re saying to yourself and ask yourself if it’s really true. What beliefs are being shown to you? Here you might see what’s holding you back and the judgments you hold deep inside, where you and your true SELF collide. Where are you not allowing yourself to see how great you are today and that it’s okay for you to express in your unique way?

First of all, if you see it, you’ve got it. Hey, it might not be in the same way that other person is expressing and that’s a good thing, because you’re not them, you are you, no one can do what you can do, the world will be missing out if ya hide behind fear or doubt. Can we improve what we do, oh ya, that’s part of the journey, but if we stop ourselves because of doubt or fear, we’ll never see even more of what we can experience and BE, get it?

So, instead of feeling bad about what you’re seeing, get inspired because it woke up a part of you that’s now ready to experience something new. Let that inspiration ignite your joy and elation. Let that joy and elation move through you and guide you in what to do. Again, we’re not meant to be like anyone else, go ahead and embrace your authentic self. Let go of perfection and BE who you are, right now today, tune into your heart and listen to what it has to say, knowing you’re learning and growing along the way. Ya don’t have to try so hard my LOVES, it’s okay to relax and let go and surrender to the divine flow.

If you’re basing your value and what you share by how many people like it or not, that will only hurt you, keep on letting your light shine through. Not everyone will agree, we all see things through our own perceptions of reality. When you’re doing what you LOVE, you’ll feel more relaxed in your body glove. The judgments come in when we start taking score of how we’re perceived by other human beings. Oh my LOVES, be careful when this happens, you might not fit into the worldly fashion. Don’t let that stop you from letting your light shine through, perhaps you’re here to bring forth a new perception or point of view that will help others unstick from the worldly glue.

Many people are going along with what everyone else has agreed upon, in order to BE okay in this earthly play. Agree to agree with your heart and soul and follow the radiance of your inner glow Whatever you do, do it for LOVE and you’ll be living in heaven on earth just like the angels above.

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