You might be wondering how my “I AM LOVED” shirts came about.

As with all of my products and services, my I AM LOVED shirts came about from my own healing. I started making my I AM LOVED shirts after a vision I received in meditation. I saw everyone in the world wearing these shirts; they were filled with so much LOVE and LIGHT, being friendly, feeling happy and at peace and loving themselves and others. So I went to the art store and bought white shirts and paints and I started making my I AM LOVED shirts from IMG_1944home. Once I began to paint, I felt a surge of loving energy moving through me into the shirts. As I was painting I began to get visions again, I saw people being healed, feeling relaxed and peaceful, walking with confidence and enjoying their lives. After I painted my first shirt, I tried it for myself, and guess what, as soon as I put on my shirt I noticed the most wonderful feeling of JOY and LOVE permeate my entire being. Then I started wearing my shirts whenever I went outside and I noticed people were responding to me in loving ways; I felt safe, protected and peaceful around others where I once didn’t, it was as if all that fear had gone away and I was wrapped and filled with love. Today I sleep in my shirts allowing the loving energy to comfort me as I sleep and I always wake up feeling centered and LOVED. I also created two meditations to support myself and my clients in residing in our loving essence and are available for free on my you tube channel Debra Mittler
I love wearing my shirts, especially whenever I’m feeling a sense of discord or I’m having a challenging moment. Whenever I put on one of my shirts, I instantly begin to feel loving energy moving throughout my entire being, reminding me that I am loved and lovable and allowing me to feel relaxed and peaceful as I comfort the little one within me. I also wear my shirts for healing, for example, if I have a headache or discomfort in my body, I put on one of my shirts and I either listen to one of my meditations or I sit for 5 minutes or more with my eyes closed, breathing in I AM LOVED and breathing out I LOVE YOU and the discomfort often disappears, allowing my mind and body to relax as I am cleansed and filled with LOVE, then I imagine sending LOVE out to everyone and everything.

Now, imagine what it would be like for you to wear your I AM LOVED SHIRT. Say you’re having a challenging day and instead of looking for someone or something to soothe you, you put on your I AM LOVED shirt and you instantly begin to feel relaxed and peaceful because you’re wrapped in the warmth of Loving energy, it’s a beautiful reminder of how LOVED you are.

Now imagine walking down the street wearing your I AM LOVED shirt, feeling so happy, relaxed and peaceful because you’re residing in your loving, and imagine that people are responding to you in loving ways as you activate the LOVE inside of them, blessing them with LOVING energy as they feel your presence and read I AM LOVED on your shirt; and if your wearing your shirt that says YOU ARE LOVED on the back, imagine everyone walking behind you is also feeling LOVED.

Now, imagine feeling comfortable around others, letting them be who they are, allowing them to respond the way they choose without getting upset or taking things personally, and you’re allowing yourself to be who you are and you’re easily and naturally responding in loving ways. This is what happens when we feel LOVED, we are living in alignment with who we truly are and we’re relaxed and peaceful because we’re not dependent on others or circumstances for how we’re feeling, allowing ourselves and our relationships to be easy, loving and free flowing. When we truly know and experience how LOVED and LOVABLE we are, we perceive LOVE everywhere we go, we are filled with JOY, we allow ourselves to be who we truly are, we easily and naturally attract wonderful experiences of abundance, health, wealth, creativity and divine relationships into our lives and our energy is free flowing, allowing us to receive and act on Divine Inspiration and live from our hearts and souls.

The symbol of the heart with wings on the back of my shirts represents the freedom we feel when we are Living in the Loving.

I invite you to join the I AM LOVED movement on facebook after you get your shirts and take a picture of you and your friends wearing your shirts and post it to the page. Let’s all move into the Loving together by Loving ourselves and others and walking in the world feeling Loved, Lovable and Loving.

Enjoy feeling loved as you wear your
Gilden 100% cotton I AM LOVED shirt
Each shirt is uniquely designed and hand painted, they glow in the dark, sparkle and are filled with lots and lots of LOVE. No two shirts are identical in design or color.

Adult Sizes – $50 Each
Front shows I AM LOVED.

Choose Size

Child Sizes – $20 Each
Front shows I AM LOVED.
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A portion of the proceeds goes to the LGBT center which provides services and programs for the LGBT community


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