Have you ever had a feeling that was urgghhhhh, soooooo fricken intense or not so intense but uncomfortable? To name a few feelings are anxiety, depression, anger, sadness, ya know all those feelings we “LOVE to feel.”

The pharmaceutical companies make billions of dollars each year on anti-depressants, pain killers, etc. because many people don’t know how to BE with themselves when “uncomfortable” feelings arise. Or, think about the cigarette and alcohol companies, same thing eh? All these things are poisoning our bodies, so are they really helping? Even today, we have CBD oil, hey it’s a great substitute, but it’s still showing people “take something to soothe your symptom” instead of going into the symptom and seeing what message it’s bringing up for us. Once we get the message and we learn how to BE with ourselves unconditionally, then we won’t need all these outer things every time we feel an “unwanted” feeling, get it?

Feelings in themselves aren’t good or bad and we’re not good or bad for having them. They’re our guides, if you’re angry, sad, depressed, anxious, have a hard time concentrating, etc. there’s something deeper going on, masking it doesn’t help, it just masks the underlying cause as well as distancing ourselves more and more from our inner guidance. How can ya BE free and heal if you’re not allowing yourself to feel?

I get it, it can be uncomfortable, but it’s only uncomfortable if we resist our feelings and the messages they’re bringing us. If you’re like me, you might have been given messages like “Stop crying, there’s nothing to be sad about, you should be happy we give you so much” etc. Hearing this over and over made me anxious anytime I had a feeling because if I felt or expressed how I felt then my family would scream at me. Soon enough I couldn’t sit still, I exercised all day long, distancing myself more and more from myself which caused even more anxiety, it was a lose, lose situation eh? The more I ran from myself the more I felt unloved. get it?

We’re in a time where Self LOVE is the talk of the town. But what is self LOVE really? It’s BEing with ourselves in loving ways, it’s letting ourself feel and listening to the messages our feelings have to say. It’s healing at the deeper levels of our BEing so we can easily and naturally dance and sing and enjoy all that life may bring.

There’s a an energetic cause to everything symptom, illness, addiction, etc. If we don’t understand and heal the energetic cause, soon enough our bodies will try to get our attention in another way. There’s no need to mask anything, you are a divine BEing. See the truth of you today and be gentle with yourself in every way. Let yourself feel, it’s okay, feelings come and go every day. You are safe and YOU ARE LOVED, are ya now ready to feel more peaceful in your body glove? Are ya now ready to embrace yourself unconditionally so you can truly BE happy and free?

You CAN do this, I believe in you and I LOVE YOU

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