If you have a dream, it’s MEANT for you. Dontcha give up when it gets hard and bury your dreams in the yard. You’re gonna have challenges, you’re gonna F…… up and you’re gonna wanna give up. You’ve been given a dream for a reason, so you can learn, grow, expand, heal, become a better lover and question your beliefs given to you by your father or mother. These are just a few to mention, notice what gets your attention.

Your dreams are messengers from inside, showing you what’s right for you on this earthly ride. There’s something only YOU can do and this is what your heartfelt dreams are showing you. However, your dreams really aren’t about what you have or do per sey, they’re really about helping you discover more of YOU today, get it?

Your dreams might break your heart, your dreams might throw you in a tizzy and there will be days where you’re Fricken dizzy. Not knowing what’s happening or which way to go and this is when you learn to surrender to the flow. Things will get sticky and perhaps very tricky, the key is to remember your WHY’s and listen to your heart instead of the lies.

If you’ve been given something to do and if you don’t do it, you’re short circuiting the flow of the universe, you’re cheating yourself and life. As you give you’re going to receive, keep the flow going and keep growing. You’re needed, you’re part of the whole, if your piece is missing, the puzzle ain’t complete.

What’s your life really about? Are you living in fear or doubt? Are you taking steps everyday so your dreams can be seen in this earthly play? So you can discover more of YOU and let your GREATNESS shine through.

Most often we look at others in awe, we see them living their dreams, we see them happy and fulfilled, but we don’t see the challenges they went through to get there. The most successful people have failed, went bankrupt, had many, many challenges, but they didn’t let that stop them, they stayed true to their vision and how they wanted to BE livin. They believed in possibilities and truly BEing happy and free.

It doesn’t matter how long it takes, know that you’re making an AMAZING cake. It has your unique ingredients, no one else can do what you came here to do. The world will be missing out and you will too if you let fear control you. Ya might not believe at the beginning because you’re consumed with losing or winning. F…… that, let that go, that will kill your dreams in this earthly show. So will the comparison trap or paying attention to the facts. STAY TRUE TO WHAT YOUR HEART IS SHOWING YOU!

Here’s something to understand, our path to our dreams rarely turn out the way we plan them to, we have twists and turns and sometimes we burn. We have smooth rides and rough rides along the way, we cry, we scream and we celebrate. We let go of people, places, things and more and we walk through some brand new doors. We find true fulfillment and loving support along the way as we shift our energy higher by listening to what our heart has to say.

And when we got to the goal/dream, we look back and say “WOW, that was amazing, I conquered so many obstacles, I found my center, I discovered more then I could even imagine about myself, my abilities and what’s possible for me. I walked through fear, I accomplished something I wanted to do, wohooo!” Then we say “Now what?” We LOVED the creating, we LOVED the learning, we LOVED every thing about the journey. Now we’re ready to create again and it’s easier because we’ve learned how to BE our own best friend. We’ve also learned that it doesn’t really matter what we have or do, but that we get to live, explore and do things we’ve never done before. We say “Now, I know I CAN, I’m able, anything is possible when I believe that my dreams are given to me to discover more of ME.”

If ya want it to be easy, good luck. You’re gonna have challenges, don’t fool yourself, be prepared and know that you CAN handle anything that comes your way. Your living this life anyway, you can live hiding out or you can face your fear and doubt. BEcome a powerful BEing and do what makes your heart sing. You were given a divine assignment to help you discover more of YOU and to let your GREATNESS shine through and to be a channel for universal energy to flow through.

Issues will arise, it’s part of journey, they arise to help us in our learning. They arise to help us heal, showing us our unconscious deals. This is great, CELEBRATE, you’re clearing a way for you to feel what is true and what is real. IT’s really the feeling that you’re wanting to achieve through the experience of going after your dreams. What do I mean? You really want to connect with YOU, feel LOVED and appreciated all the way through. No thing outside of you will ever make ya happy, you’ll BE happy when you’re living in alignment with your heart and soul and feeling the radiance of your inner glow.

You CAN do this, if you would like support, I would BE delighted to work with you.
I believe in you and I LOVE YOU

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