If you’re struggling with an addiction, depression, illness or having a challenging time creating the life that you desire, know that it’s not your fault, you’ve done nothing wrong and there isn’t anything wrong with you.

Many times we’ve unconsciously picked up ideas and created behaviors and symptoms that were beyond our conscious control. Our psychies are very smart and will do anything to get our needs met for security, safety and LOVE.

There’s no need for blame or shame and no need to compare our path to someone else’s. We all have our own path, everything that happens in our lives is perfect for us and what we came here to experience. Most often what we go through is preparing us for a bigger picture that we don’t yet see and lessons we came here to learn in a human body.

Sometimes, if part of our souls journey is to be a healer like me, most often we’ll go through something where we have to heal ourselves in order to understand the whole picture of healing. For instance; I struggled with anorexia, depression, self abuse and being suicidal and for over 23 years I was in and out of hospitals and treatment centers and I wasn’t able to heal. Every doctor and facility gave up on me and told me that I was probably going to die. My family felt powerless to “save” me and they didn’t know what to do and neither did I. 

Somehow I was divinely guided to a spiritual path and this is what “saved” me. Through trial and error, leaning how to LOVE myself and connecting with my guides, I started to feel a sense of peace inside. I didn’t focus on trying to get rid of my outer symptoms, instead, I did the inner healing by noticing the beliefs, misunderstandings and fears that was inside of me that was blocking LOVE from flowing freely and keeping me from knowing the real me. That energy was asking for my attention, it was my little girl wanting to feel safe, acknowledged and LOVED by me. 

Not to say that if you have an illness or struggle with depression or an addiction that you’ll end up helping others, there’s often an even deeper meaning involved.

It’s valuable to understand what that deeper meaning is, this is what I call the issue behind the issue, everything we go through IS serving us in one way or another. Urggghhhh, I know, that can be a hard one to accept eh? However, we see things from a human perspective, which is often tainted and quite deceptive. We want to feel okay, we want everything to go our way. And when it doesn’t we start to feel bad inside, some of us do blame or shame in this earthly game. 

Here’s what I say and it might help you too, instead of saying “Why is this happening TO me?” Say “How is this happening FOR me? How is this serving me today?
What am I learning at the deeper level of my BEing?
What’s the silver lining in this experience that was created FOR ME?
What’s asking to BE healed so more LOVE can BE revealed?” 

If you’re judging yourself or beating yourself up for “creating” the symptoms, I invite you instead to make peace with that part of you, to love that part of you and find out how it’s serving you, yes, the illness, the addiction, body pain, NOT getting what we say we want etc. is serving us, otherwise it wouldn’t be happening.

It’s important to understand what’s going on at a deeper level, noticing the hidden intentions will help here. Most often the messages we received and experiences we had when we were younger formed the way we feel about ourselves and life. and as we got older, that energy created a life of happiness, LOVE and abundance or struggle, depression, addictions or other symptoms either in our bodies or behaviors. A hidden intention might be to get LOVE and attention from your friends or family.

Many times we’ll put a smile on our face and go about the day, but deep inside we don’t feel okay. We portray an image of being good enough by accumulating more money and stuff, looking good on the outside, trying to compensate for those parts of us that we want to hide. However, the more we run from ourselves, the more we try to hide our weakness, pains and inadequacies, the more we do blame and shame, the less we truly enjoy this earthly game.

In order to feel okay inside, it’s important to make peace with who we are and where we’re at today. By noticing where our ideas come from (which I call our conditioning) we can move into a spiritual healing, which is healing on all levels of our BEing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Once ya realize that there’s really nothing to fix, only parts of us that are asking to BE accepted and LOVED, you’ll feel more relaxed in your body glove. True healing doesn’t necessary mean the illness goes away, true healing is experiencing self LOVE and inner peace. It’s noticing that you don’t have to prove anything, that you’re already a worthy and beautiful divine BEing.

Loving you beautiful souls

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