Sometimes a clear understanding from the giver becomes a misunderstanding from the receiver. What do I mean by this you might be asking? Well, say you ask someone to go out to dinner and they said that they were busy and you got upset. Why did you get upset, they’re just busy right? Here’s the deal, we often filter our experiences through the meanings we give them (most of them are unconscious) If we’re upset about something someone did or said then it activated an unresolved issue inside. Instead of getting mad at “them” and cutting off the flow of LOVE, be still and feel. Ask yourself these questions; What is this situation revealing to me? What am I saying it means about me? Here are a few examples; “I’m unlovable” “I’m unworthy” “I don’t matter” etc. I think you get the gist eh?

Most of us just go about our day in an automatic/habitual way. Responding and re-acting to situations not even knowing why we’re upset. Why don’t we know? Because the “why” isn’t quite visible, it’s deep within and until we bring those ideas to the surface, those ideas will continue to filter the way we see and experience life, get it?

So, instead of getting mad at the person, thank them, they’re helping you see how you’re creating your reality. They’re an Angel in disguise helping you to release the lies. Hey, maybe they really didn’t want to go out to dinner with you, but that doesn’t mean that you’re unlovable or unworthy. Why give your power away to what another human being does or says. We get so limited in our points of view, we think “They’re the only one.” Are you aware that there are billions of people on planet earth? Ya, some you might resonate with and some you won’t, but there are so many to choose from.

We will keep attracting the same situations to us until they are resolved within. Why? We’re not meant to carry our hurts, wounds and lies from the human eyes throughout our earthly ride. When they come up, it’s a blessing, celebrate, you’re healing the inner debate. You’re becoming more free BE a more abundant, joyful, creative and loving BEing.

This most likely will be an ongoing process, why? Because we’re here to set ourselves FREE and the more we clear, the more free we’ll BE, get it? Soon enough our triggers become less and less because we’ve cleared the internal mess. When we do, our energy flows more freely from the light of our inner BEing and we say Yipppeeeee

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