Have you ever kept doing the same thing even though you know it isn’t serving you to do so? Perhaps you’re caught in an addiction to food, drugs, alcohol or smoking. Or perhaps you’ve broken up with your lover and you keep going back to them because it’s familiar or you don’t want to be alone. Or perhaps you were fired from a job or you left it knowing that you were wanting to start something new, but you went back to doing what you knew how to do.

Us humans are funny beings, we LOVE doing familiar things. Most of us are frighted to try something new because we project the idea that we might lose. So instead we stay in jobs, situations and relationships where we’re really not growing and we’re not really happy but we’re in the “knowing.”

If this is you, I understand, I’ve been there too. We get accustomed to what we know and we want to keep things the same in this earthly show, however, we don’t really grow. We don’t get to discover what COULD BE if we’re stuck in fear and doing the same things.

The ways we get to know more of ourSELVES is by our willingness to step out of our comfort zone and into the “unknown.” If might be frightening at the beginning, but soon enough we’ll feel like we’re winning. Even if things don’t work out the way we want them to, the idea is that we gave ouselves a chance to try something new.

Most of us us feel something pulling us inside, a dream, a vision, a goal, a life of freedom, creativity, expansion and more, but instead of listening to it or following it’s guidance, we ignore it for comfort and convenience. We protect ourselves from the pain of failure, so don’t give ourselves a chance to see and experience a new way of BEing.

If we don’t have the courage to take that step, sometimes the universe will do for us what we can’t do for ourselves. it will move on us and make us act by making us miserable, creating a crises or a health issue, or removing anything that’s in the way so you can listen to what your heart has to say. I wouldn’t wait for this to happen, instead, take a leap of faith knowing you’re making a tasty cake.

Once we make a decision to act, we begin to access power within us that will increase our confidence and and puts us in charge of our lives. Many people would rather not take charge and instead they bury their dreams in the yard. They never see what could BE, instead they remain stuck in a familiar reality.

We’re here to expand, learn an grow, that’s why we came to this earthly show. We came here to express in our unique way and bring something NEW to this earthly play. There’s something that only you can do and the world will be missing out if ya hide in fear and doubt. This may or may not make ya wanna take that step, but really, what do you have to lose? What’s the worst that can happen? I can tell ya the best that can happen and that is that you’ll stretch, you’ll learn, you’ll grow, you’ll feel ready to take on the next adventure in this earthly show. You’ve realized that it was just your thoughts that we’re frightening you, once you did it, you said woohoooo!

So, I invite you to look at one thing that you want to do but you aren’t taking the steps. Ask yourself why, what are you believing in that might be scaring you? What do you truly know IS possible for you, but you would rather stay doing what you always do? You might want to get some support to help you break free from a limited perception of realty and heal past hurts and wounds that might be blocking the flow of feeling the light of your inner glow.

You CAN do this, I’m over here cheering ya on and if you would like support from me, I would be delighted to assist you today. Feel free to go to my website and see what program you’re interested in that will help you step out of your familiar zone so you CAN see and create a more loving, joyful, abundant reality.

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