Is it easy for you to share openly about yourself, your life, what’s working for you or what you’re learning or experiencing on your journey, especially if it might NOT be the same as the way others are thinking, believing or living?

It takes courage to share, most people don’t, they just sit back in fear. Fear of what? Fear of being judged or ridiculed by what “a human body” has to say, so instead they hide and let their voice and their talents and gifts fade away.

I used to be frightened of sharing because as a child I was called crazy, stupid and other things because what I said didn’t resonate with my friends or family. So instead of sharing, I shut down and my smile became a big frown. My childhood experiences formed beliefs and ideas in my unconscious that said “What if I said something people didn’t like and they disagreed with me? If I share I won’t be accepted or LOVED.” This was how I was filtering my life, I wasn’t aware of this, but this energy/belief was what kept me from expressing, get it?

How foolish it is to block our natural expression in fear of a disagreement or not being liked by a “human body.” But, many people do, I’ve been there too. I was so dependent on LOVE and acceptance from others, so I just went along with my sisters and brothers.

If this is you, I get it, I’ve been there too, be easy on you. Help the younger one inside feel safe and LOVED today, they are the ones who are guiding your earthly play.

I once heard a speaker say “When you speak to a group of people, 1/3 of them will like you, 1/3 of them won’t and 1/3 don’t care either way.”

Why is expressing/sharing such an issue for many? It’s natural to express, we’re NOT meant to share like everyone else. We’re NOT meant to hide out either. If the divine made me and you, don’t ya think we’re here to let it shine through? If we’re all UNIQUE expressions of the divine, then it’s our purpose is to BE UNIQUE and shine eh?

So, for those of you who are looking for your purpose, there ya go, it’s BEing true to you and letting your light shine through. How boring would this life be if everyone were looking the same, thinking the same and doing the same thing?

Ya know what helped me to get over my fear, I made a video in my underwear and sent it out to the world. Hey, that might be a little extreme for you, but that’s what I was guided to do. Ever since then, I’ve felt so free to express whatever comes through me.

If you’re someone who’s frightened of what others have to say, I encourage you to notice what’s going on inside of you today. What does it mean if someone disagree’s with you or your point of view? What are you basing this on? What is it that’s scaring you?

As long as we live in fear of what others say, we’re giving our power away and by giving our power away, we’re not going to be able to feel okay inside. Why? Because we’re not letting our energy flow freely, which creates depression and internal disharmony. Then we try to soothe that feeling with food, drugs, alcohol or whatever substance we use, to suppress the energy that wants to flow through.

When I share today, it comes from a place in me, not from something I learned from society. I don’t follow teachers or teachings. I do read books and get ideas and inspirations from others that opens me in a way so I can listen to my inner BEing and what it has to say. The challenge with following other people’s ways is that what works for one, might not work for another, we can learn and be inspired by our sisters and brothers, but we’re not meant to be like them, we’re meant to shine in our unique way, that’s why we came to this earthly play.

I invite you to honor yourSELF today, you are amazing in every way. You’re a beautiful expression of the Divine, you’re a treasure in the universes mind, are ya now ready to let yourSELF SHINE?

Loving you beautiful souls

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