I once had a client say to me “This isn’t working, I’m feeling worse not better.” To this I said, “that’s great, that stuff that’s in ya is now ready to be released, LOVED and healed.” After A few more sessions he began to LOVE himself unconditionally and really set himself free and now he’s thriving instead of just surviving.

I was in therapy for over 23 years, nothing changed, inside or outside of me, why, because we just worked on the surface level and that’s not where healing and change takes place. I would go to a session and then go right back to living the ways that I was living, can you relate?

It’s not about just working on a conscious level, using logic and reason, ya gotta be willing to feel. To go to the root cause of the issue and bring LOVE, compassion and understanding to the parts that are hurting inside, to make loving yourself BE the place where you confide.

If you’ve experienced a trauma, or many little ones like me, that energy gets stored somewhere in our bodies and until we release it, our energy can’t flow naturally. And if we don’t deal with it, soon enough it becomes a symptom like an illness, depression, addictions or some type of body ailment. Why? Because we’re not meant to carry that pain/hurt around, it wants to BE released so it’s getting our attention so we CAN be free. Most often when we experience a trauma or situations that we don’t know how to deal with at the time, it gets pushed down and that pushed down energy becomes blockages in our energy flow. From those blockages we perceive and believe, it’s as if that part of us hasn’t yet “grown up” and we keep responding and re-acting in the same ways until that energy is set free, get it?

I had a guy the other day ask me what I do, I told him and he told me that he’s been in therapy for over 20 years and he still feels the same. After talking to him for a bit he told me he doesn’t want to look at his past, that he feels bad about what he did at age 6. I asked him if he’s forgiven himself and he said he couldn’t. Well, until he allows himself to feel those feelings and bring compassion and LOVE to that part of him, another part of him will create all kinds of ways to protect him from feeling that pain. This person smokes and I sense his anger when I’m around him. There’s a wall of protection keeping him locked in misery and pain even though he tries to avoid it on a surface level.

So, what is resistance really? It’s a part of us that protects us. What is it protecting us from? Ourselves, the energy that’s stuck somewhere inside and until we let it flow we will live in protection and fear. What doss that mean? Subconsciously we’re on high alert to protect ourselves from bringing up those feelings and we’ll do anything to avoid feeling them like drinking alcohol, eating, smoking, being busy or we chase after people, places and things to make us feel LOVED or we’ll run away from being hurt in relationships. We’re perceiving ourselves and life from that frozen part of us, it’s an energy inside that perhaps carries guilt, shame, anger, fear, hurt or resentment. Whatever it is, it’s blocking the flow from feeling the light of our inner glow and truly having what we want in this earthly show.

Healing isn’t for the faint heart, it does take courage to go inside and feel what ya need to feel in order to truly heal. Once we do, so much more LOVE, abundance and joy flows through.

Whenever you’re “triggered” it’s activating something inside where you and your true self collide. It’s showing you a hurt, wound or false perception you concluded about you, it’s giving you an option to loosen the glue. To bring compassion and LOVE to the parts that are hurting inside so you CAN BE free on this earthly ride.

If you’re someone who’s resonating with this, I get it, I’ve been there, I know the pain and the struggle and I also know what it’s like to BE free and living from the light of my inner BEing. Whatever happened it’s not your fault, there’s a great learning in everything we go through. If you would like support in getting FREE and loving yourself unconditionally, I would be delighted to work with you.

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