What would it BE like for you to follow through with what you say you’re gonna do? How often do ya promise yourself that you’re going to take better care of you and your health? Or, you say that you’re going to start doing…… or stop doing…… tomorrow and when ya get to tomorrow there’s an excuse not to…… I get it, I’ve been there and no wonder I wasn’t able to trust myself, I wasn’t following through with what I said I was going to do. Can you relate?

Why does this happen? Most of us don’t like change, we like to keep things the same, thinking it’s how we’ll be “safe” in this earthly game. We project all kinds of things “out there” and we listen to the voice that says “beware.” But how do you really know what will happen? Ya don’t, I don’t, we don’t. It’s just the idea that we might experience pain IF we do something that we don’t know how it will turn out, so we’re living in protection from that deception.

What is this idea of pain anyway? if it comes up, it’s in us. So many of us try NOT to do anything new because of what might come up if we do. We protect ourselves in a way that keeps us stuck, doing the same things day by day. I get it, I used to live this way. And yes, as I became wiling to step out of my comfort zone, I did experience some pain and discomfort. I got to see what I was protecting inside of me. It didn’t feel good at the time and it felt like I was committing a crime. But, if ya really wanna BE free, ya gotta take a “risk” and see.

Go ahead and follow through with what your inner guidance is showing you. It LOVES and cares about you and wants you to be free. It wants you to let go of protecting yourself from pain. It wants you to release the hurt and shame that you’ve been carrying around in this earthly game. It want’s you to BE free so you can really enjoy this magical journey.

We don’t really know what we hold below, until we’re put in situations to see what’s going on in our inner reality. If you’re being guided to do something and you’re scared to follow through, ya might want to see how it’s serving you to keep on doing what you always do? What are you afraid of my LOVES? What pain don’t you want to face inside of you?
Until we face our pain inside, we’ll live in fear and protection on this earthly ride. Please don’t do this to yourself, all you’re doing is destroying your health. it really isn’t as bad as we think it will be, it’s actually a relief once we let that energy go, we feel more awake, alive and free from head to toe.

It’s my intention to BE trigger free and allow LOVE and light to flow through me. I’m feeling it even more every day because I’ve been able to look at the pain. I no longer protect myself or live on high alert, instead I live in a way that my energy flows freely today. Do I still have challenges, ya betcha, but now I’m aware that when they arise it’s showing me places inside that are asking to BE healed so more and more LOVE can be revealed.

Hey, you know what’s right for you, I’m not telling ya what to do. I’m just sharing my point of view and if it resonates great, if not, that’s great too, I’m still over here loving you.

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