Have you ever put someone on a pedestal, you envied them for what they have or do? Perhaps it’s someone who has fortune or fame, or maybe it’s a spiritual teacher or a friend who’s living the life that you desire. If this is you, you might enjoy what I have to share.
First of all, if you see it, you’ve got it. What does this mean? What you admire in others, guess what? IT’S ALSO YOU TOO, you wouldn’t recognize it if it wasn’t. It might not show up in the exact same way, but it’s the essence of what you’re seeing that’s waking up something in you, get it?

Now, to go a little deeper, most often we only see a part of a person, but there’s so much more we don’t see, no one is perfect in this reality. Just because we’re doing what we’re called to do, doesn’t mean we don’t have challenges we’re growing through. Many people I know put spiritual teachers on a pedestal. Just because they’re open for divine wisdom to flow through, doesn’t mean they always walk the talk, however, some do.

I’ve volunteered for many well known spiritual teachers and I’ve seen them go off the handle so to speak. Hey, we’re human, me, you and them. Our gifts and what we share in the world doesn’t exempt us from our lessons, healing and growth opportunities. And it doesn’t make our gifts any less valuable if we grow through a challenge, a gift is a gift, what we experience in life is part of our souls growth and evolution and will probably contribute to how we’re of service to others, at least that’s my experience in what I do as a healer.

What I LOVE about one of the spiritual teachers I know is that when he shares, he says that he’s no saint, he’s still learning and growing, now that to me is so damn sexy. No one is better then anyone here, we’re all learning how to move into LOVE and away from fear.

I do my best to walk my talk, and most often I do, but hey, I still have lessons too. I set my inanition at the beginning of every day to BE the most loving BEing that I CAN BE and to share this LOVE with humanity. I’ve shifted a lot in me that wasn’t in alignment with LOVE and sometimes old programming peaks its head or past wounds get triggered. At this point I get an opportunity to look at and shift the judgments and fears that are being shown to me about myself and humanity and bring LOVE to the parts that are hurting inside.

It takes courage to look within but ya gotta do it if ya really wanna be free and honesty is the key. You can wear a mask and try to hide your hurts, insecurities and fears, but that only hurts you. Hey, you don’t need to share it publicly, just be honest with yourself eh? This is how we come into alignment, mind/body/heart and soul, all aligned with our inner glow. Otherwise we’re living in fragmentation, parts of us on different pages which causes resistance and blockages in our energy flow.

So, let’s go back to the topic of the “pedestal.” If you’re gonna admire anyone, admire YOU, there’s uniqueness and GREATNESS in you that wants to shine through. You’re made from the LOVE of the Divine, you’re a treasure in the universes mind. Notice your projections and see how they’re reflecting a part of you that’s now ready to shine through.

It’s never about the issue at hand. Most of us believe that our upset, hurt, anger or pain is because of what’s happening today. Oh my LOVES, if this is happening for you, know that it’s an old wound that has been triggered from inside, something you didn’t have the tools to deal with long ago, so you pushed it down and now whenever ya get into a situation that’s similar, it activates it and brings it to the surface so you can transform that energy, so you can BE free.

Ya can try to change the outer to help you feel okay but soon it will be activated again so ya can heal and mend. We’re in a time where our BEing is wanting to BE set free and in order for our energy to naturally flow we need to clear the blocks inside, our hurts and wounds that we’ve held in our bodies cocoon. Until those blocks are released it will feel like you have an internal beast.

Most of us try to figure out why things are happening to us, but using our logic and reason can only interfere with really getting to the core, the root of it all. That root is creating and filtering our lives today and until it’s uprooted, I think ya know what I’m gonna say eh? New root, new fruit.

This is one of my gifts I’m here to bring, I help people like you BE free to FEEL and live from the light of their inner BEing. To go to the root cause that’s creating the distress today so ya can BE free to let your energy flow in its more natural way. Our issues also show up as fear, anxiety, addictions and afflictions. If ya mask it by taking something to soothe yourself or ya just get busy so ya don’t have to feel and ya never take care of the cause, then most often it shows up in another way.

You can BE FREE and live in peace, LOVE, joy and harmony today by loving yourself in every way. By transforming old energy with LOVE, you allow the new, greater version of YOU to shine all the way through, are ya ready to let it to?

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