Do you have re-curring issues; like every time you get in a relationship the same stuff happens? Or whenever you’re around a lot of people, you feel bad or uncomfortable? Or you find yourself feeling sad or depressed at a certain time of year. Or you start a project, go for your dreams and something happens that stops you.

Urgghhhh, I know, it can feel like WTF??? Especially when we think we’ve healed or resolved it already.

Hold on my LOVES, sometimes healing comes in layers. In order for us to really BE FREE is to BE with ourselves unconditionally. Perhaps there’s something else we didn’t see that’s now coming up so we CAN really BE free. Instead of resisting yourself or the experience you’re having today, be with yourself in a loving way.

What we’re really wanting is to feel okay and when we don’t, it’s because of our emotional wounds, judgments and fears that are in the way. Can you BE okay with not feeling okay, just for today? How? By allowing yourself to not feel okay and let your feelings flow in their natural way. Yes, it’s that simple. By doing so your resistance will fall away and eventually you’ll start to feel okay, get it?

If you want to see what’s creating why you’re not feeling okay, you can ask yourself these questions. “What am I believing is true about myself in regards to this situation? What’s getting my attention today that’s asking to BE acknowledged, LOVED and healed”? Go into the feeling, listen to what it’s revealing and follow through with what it wants from you. It will give you clues as to why you’re feeling the way you do.

Yes, going to the root cause can help set us free, but that might not be what we’re ready for right now. The key is to make peace inside and accept what’s happening on our earthly ride. When we’re hurting it’s a younger part of us that’s hurting, let them know you’re with them. You might want to give them a hug and hold your body glove with LOVE.

Sometimes trying to figure out why something is happening can bring to your awareness something that you’re not ready to experience yet. Be careful about trying to make a healing happen, it will happen at the right, perfect time. You’ll either be guided to work with a healer like me or your inner BEing will help you to see a way to set yourself free.

Be easy on you my LOVES, we all have issues stored in our body glove, some more then others, let’s be more compassionate with ourselves and our sisters and brothers. When we’re angry or lashing out, what’s really happening is we’re filled with fear and doubt. We’re responding from a pain inside that doesn’t know how to feel safe on this earthly ride. it’s okay, you’re okay, you’re LOVED in every way. Everything you’re going through is somehow serving you. We’re all getting free so we can live in alignment with our inner BEing and experience even more peace, LOVE, joy and harmony on this earthly journey.

Loving you beautiful souls

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