Have you ever said that you’ll do something and then you didn’t follow through? For instance you might have said “Tomorrow I’ll start my diet, exercise more, stop smoking, stop drinking, stop over-eating, call that person I want to connect with etc. Why didn’t you follow through? What came up for you? Was it fear of change, fear of success or failure, what have you made to be your savior? Where did your initial idea come from to change or stop what you’re doing? What are the reasons you wanted to stop or do what you say you wanted and what are the reasons that you didn’t follow through?

Most often we aren’t aware of the “reasons” we’ve just become so accustomed to living a certain way that we automatically do what we do each day.

If this is you, you’re not alone, this happens to many people. We have an idea about moving in a new direction or changing a habit but then our automatic thinking, feeling and acting takes over. Us humans LOVE comfort and to us comfort means doing what’s familiar even if it’s hurting us or stopping us from really living the life that we truly desire.

Change can be uncomfortable, so instead of being willing to be uncomfortable we stay where we are even if we we’re not really happy or we know it’s not healthy. But really, it’s only uncomfortable if we say it is. We give meaning to everything we experience. If we create enough positive reasons to change or stop a habit, most often we will follow through. It’s only uncomfortable if we haven’t accepted the parts of us that we denied, disowned or pushed aside.

Perhaps there’s secondary gain and we don’t really want to change because somehow it’s serving us. There’s so much more going on then what we know at a conscious level, what’s driving our behaviors comes from how we feel deep inside. These are the beliefs that keep our patterns going and in order to change with ease, it’s important to notice what’s going on behind the scenes. This is what comes up when we stop our addictions or move in a new direction. The feelings we pushed down a long time ago and perhaps recently comes to the surface and we often get anxious if we don’t know how to BE with ourselves. When this happens we automatically go back to what we know that brought us comfort to avoid the “pain.” That pain is in us and it wants to be released, it might not feel good, I understand, I’ve been there.

There’s no magic pill, ya gotta let yourself feel. Once you learn how to be with yourself in loving ways, you’ll feel more peaceful throughout the day, and LOVE will become your natural way. When LOVE is your natural way, you take loving care of yourself in this earthly play, get it?

Here’s something to ponder, go ahead and let your mind wander. Have you ever been in LOVE with someone and you’d do ANYTHING, even if it was “uncomfortable.” All the “rules” you had about your life were broken because that feeling of LOVE took over, and when we’re feeling LOVE we feel invincible. This is what happens at the beginning of most LOVE relationships. Then soon enough those old patterns start to creep in, we fall back into our old ways and the relationship isn’t as important anymore.

This also happens in many of our other experiences, we fall in LOVE with an idea of what we want. Once we start to move in that direction, often our “unresolved issues” comes to the surface so we go back to what’s familiar because we haven’t yet learned how to be with ourselves or we haven’t healed what’s been asking to be healed.

If this is you, I invite you to imagine what it would be like for you to be living the ways you truly want to live and BEing the person you KNOW yourself to BE. You’re free from your addictive behaviors and LOVE is now your savior. How would you act, what would you do if you were so in LOVE with you?

You CAN do this, I believe in you and i LOVE YOU

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