Hello Beautiful Souls, Welcome to Living in the Loving

If you’re ready to LOVE yourself and take good care of you and your health.
If you’re ready to heal past hurts and wounds, so you CAN BE FREE to experience even more peace, LOVE, joy and harmony.
If you’re ready to live as your Divine SELF and take your talents off the shelf.
If you’re ready to free yourself from addictions to food, drugs, alcohol, smoking or anything else that’s in the way of BEing true to YOU today.
If you’re ready to feel more awake, more alive, more expansive and FREE and let your creativity flow more naturally.
Then you’ve come to the right place.

My name is Debra and I’m a Spiritual Alignment Mentor and Intuitive Healer. I’m passionate about spiritual growth and I’m on a continuous journey in expanding in wisdom, creativity, knowledge and LOVE.

My mission is to empower YOU to empower yourself by loving yourself unconditionally and moving from your conditioning into living from the light of your inner BEing.

Ya, I know, this sounds simple right? For some it may be and for others it may be challenging if we’ve been at war with ourselves or we’ve been numbing ourselves with substances and acting in self destructive ways. Many of us are filtering and creating our lives from past hurts and wounds and we’ve blocked the flow from experiencing our inner glow. We’ve become disconnected from our deepest truth and we’re just going about our day in an automatic, habitual way.

If this is you, know that it’s not your fault, you’ve done nothing wrong and there isn’t anything wrong with you. You’ve just picked up ideas and behaviors along the way that may not be serving you today. These ideas and behaviors are what’s called your conditioning, they’re automatic responses to how you relate to yourself and the world around you. They’ve served a purpose and got you to this point and now you’re ready for something new.

Think about it, how can we really enjoy our lives if we’re at war with ourselves?
How are we supposed to feel LOVED if we aren’t loving ourselves?
How are we supposed to heal if we aren’t allowing ourselves to feel?
How can we get to know our deepest truth, listen to our inner wisdom and genuinely express who we are if we’re numbing ourselves with food, drugs, alcohol etc.?

What if I told you that I can assist you in moving into a higher vibration where LOVE and joy are your natural sensations?

What if I told you that I will support you in living from that passionate place inside, where you’re sharing your gifts on this earthly ride, instead of using food, drugs, alcohol or smoking to hide?

What if I told you that I can assist you in becoming aware of the source of your thoughts, feelings and behaviors and that I can help you shift your perceptions and points of view so the past can no longer limit you?

Most of us aren’t aware of what’s really going on deep inside, the beliefs, past hurts and wounds that are creating and filtering how we’re feeling and what we’re experiencing today. We’re just responding and re-acting in automatic ways, letting our unconscious make our choices today. We’ve given our power away to our conditioning, instead of living from the light of our inner BEing.

But today you’re choosing to experience something new. How do I know? You’re here, you’ve been drawn to my website, you’re now ready to move past your conditioning into living from the light of your inner BEing.

Debra Mittler

Living in the Loving is about loving, accepting and embracing ourselves unconditionally, allowing a loving re-integration with our natural state of being. The challenge is that most of us weren’t taught how to be with ourselves in loving ways. Instead we’ve become judgmental, critical and we’re hard on ourselves. We have negative ideas, concepts and beliefs about ourselves, we run from ourselves and numb ourselves with food, drugs, alcohol, etc. We’ve developed coping mechanisms to help us deal with the anxiety created by past, unhealed anger, hurt, shame, pain and unforgiveness, which blocks our energy from flowing naturally.

If this is you, know that there’s a softer and gentler way that you can BE with yourself and enjoy your life. So, instead of giving up and thinking it’s too hard and burying what you want to experience in the yard. Give in and say out loud “I’m ready to win. I’m ready to LOVE myself unconditionally and truly BE happy and free. I’m ready to live from my core and experience even more peace, LOVE, joy, abundance, creativity and freedom then I ever have before. I’m ready to BE the best me that I can BE, live the life that I want to see and that feels really good to me.”

In order for us to truly BE FREE, we must go through a spiritual healing, which brings us into Alignment with our inner BEing/Spiritual Alignment. What Is Spiritual Alignment

Why is this so valuable? Many of us have goals, dreams and desires that we want to attain, we look to find an identity in the world of things without even knowing who we are or what we truly LOVE. Doing so we’ve never really felt satisfied, we’ve just followed the ways of the world. Until we get to know ourselves at a deeper level, there will feel like there’s something missing. That something is knowing YOU, not through your conditioning, hurts, wounds or things, but through aligning with your inner BEing.

In our sessions together we’ll be building your life from the inside out, allowing your true SELF to come about. We’ll be healing what needs to be healed so more LOVE can be revealed. When your energy is flowing more freely, it’s easier to follow the guidance of your inner BEing and life becomes a magical journey.

Is this going to be uncomfortable? It can be, however, I will hold a space of LOVE and support for you as you begin to empower yourself and start living from your deepest truth. The focus is on BEing the best you that you CAN BE, but you must heal the emotional wounds so you can BE FREE.

This is possible, if I can do it, you can too. After going in and out of numerous hospitals and treatment centers for over 23 years, struggling with depression, anorexia and other eating disorders, suicide attempts, taking pills, hating myself and hating life and having no success in changing, I finally took my healing into my own hands and found myself on a spiritual journey. I know the pain, the fear, the feeling of powerlessness and hopeless and I also know the joy, the freedom, the excitement of feeling awake and alive and really enjoying this earthly ride.

I’ve walked through my shadows, now I’m walking in the light of LOVE and I feel at peace in my body glove. I’m doing what I came here to do, I’m bringing LOVE to the world and assisting others like you to feel the LOVE and light flow through. Feel free to read more at my Meet Me Page

It’s time my LOVES, you’re meant to BE all that you were created to BE. No more hiding out in addictions or fear, it’s time to shine my child my dear.

I invite you to join me in Living in the Loving, it’s truly a magical place to live. I see YOU, I believe in YOU, I’m here for YOU, you don’t have to do this alone. You can do this, YOU are powerful beyond measure, you’re a gift a golden treasure. I get it, I’ve been there, I’m still learning and growing. I’m no better than you, through my experiences I’ve gained much wisdom, knowledge and LOVE and now I get to assist others like you in having the most AMAZING LOVE affair with life and with beautiful YOU. YOU ARE WORTH IT!

To find out more about how I can support you in Living in the Loving, feel free to go to my services page. My Services

You’re more then just a body, there’s a beautiful, creative, loving and free spirit inside of YOU that wants to shine, will you let it?

For more videos, feel free to visit my youtube channel Debra Mittler

You Are Loved


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