Hello Beautiful Souls and Welcome to Living In The Loving

img_4828Are you ready to fall in LOVE with yourself, create the life that you desire and do what truly light your fire? Are you ready to BE the best you that you can BE, express yourself naturally and live in your authenticity? Are you ready to believe in yourself and take your talents off the shelf? Then you’ve come to the right place.

My name is Debra and I’m a Spiritual Life Coach and Intuitive Healer. I’m passionate about spiritual growth and I’m on a continuous journey in expanding in wisdom, creativity, knowledge and LOVE.

My mission is to empower you to empower yourself by loving yourself and allowing your Divine pattern to flow through you and guide you in what to do.

Ya, I know, sounds simple right? For some it might be and for others it can be challenging if we’ve been at war with ourselves for many years or we’ve been struggling with addictions or other self destructive behaviors. Many of us are filtering and creating our lives from past hurts, wounds or automatic/conditioned responses. We’ve become disconnected from our deepest truth and we don’t know who we are or what we truly enjoy, we’re just going about our day in an automatic, habitual way.

If this is you, know that it’s not your fault, you’ve done nothing wrong and there isn’t anything wrong with you. You’ve just picked up ideas and behaviors along the way that might not be serving you today. These ideas and behaviors have become automatic responses to how you relate to yourself and the world around you. They’ve served a purpose and got you to this point and now you’re ready for something new.

Think about it, how can we really enjoy our lives if we’re at war with ourselves?
How are we supposed to feel LOVED if we aren’t loving ourselves?
How are we supposed to heal if we aren’t allowing ourselves to feel?
How can we get to know our deepest truth, listen to our inner wisdom and genuinely express who we are if we’re numbing ourselves with food, drugs, alcohol etc.

Debra Mittler

Loving ourselves is always the first step in creating the life that we desire. Why? Because once we have a foundation in LOVE, we’re connected to our true essence and our lives flow more easily and naturally.

The challenge is that most of us weren’t taught how to be with ourselves in loving ways, instead we’ve become judgmental, critical and we’re hard on ourselves. We have negative ideas, concepts and beliefs about ourselves and the world, hence why we don’t feel peace inside.

How we see, feel about ourselves and how we experience our lives often stems from our conditioning and past experiences and this is what’s filtering and creating our lives today.

How do you know if there’s something deeper going on that isn’t serving you? Do you struggle with unwanted habits, addictions, behaviors or loving yourself? Do you feel powerless in creating the life that you truly desire? Do you feel stuck in a limited perception of who you are and what you CAN do? Do you feel sad, angry, hopeless or depressed and these feelings seem to dominate your life? If you said yes to any of these, then there ya go, these are some of your clues that there’s something deeper going on inside of you that’s asking to BE acknowledged, LOVED, healed and integrated. Once we integrate, the inner debate goes away and our lives flow more easily in every way.

It does take a commitment to allow positive change occur, or should I say to allow your divine pattern to flow through because the old you/the conditioned you will do anything in its power to stay the same. The reason why is that the old you has a built in survival mechanism to keep the status quo. Many teachers talk about our subconscious mind and say that it’s in the subconscious that our attitudes and behaviors spring. Yes, this is true, however, most often that’s also programming too. The truth of YOU lives at your core. By healing past hurts and wounds and questioning your conditioning, your energy will flow more easily and there really isn’t any need for programming, get it?

There is a softer and gentler way that you can BE with yourself and enjoy your life. So, instead of giving up and thinking it’s too hard and burying what you want to experience in the yard. Give in and say out loud “It’s time for me to win. I’m ready to LOVE myself unconditionally and truly BE happy and free. I’m ready to experience my truth inside and let it guide me on this earthly ride. I’m ready to free myself from my conditioning and live from the light of my inner BEing. I’m ready to BE the best me that I can BE, live the life that I want to see and that feels really good to me.”

This is possible, if I can do it, you can too. After going in and out of numerous hospitals and treatment centers for over 23 years, struggling with depression, anorexia and other eating disorders, suicide attempts, taking pills, hating myself and hating life and having no success in changing, I finally took my healing into my own hands and found myself on a spiritual journey. It’s been quite a process, a great unfolding and even though I’m still learning, growing and evolving, today I’m happy, healthy and free, I’m living in my authenticity and I get to assist others like YOU in doing the same. Feel free to read more about My Story

It’s time my LOVE, you’re meant to BE all that you were created to BE. No more hiding out in addictions or fear, it’s time to shine my child my dear. It’s time for you to BE seen and experience your heartfelt dreams. It’s time for you to LOVE yourself and take good care of your body and health. It’s time to share your talents and gifts, do what makes you happy inside and really enjoy this earthly ride.

It does help to have support from someone who’s been there, someone who’s cheering you on and believing in you as you step into new ways of BEing. That’s what I’m here to do, to hold a space of LOVE for you.

I invite you to join me in Living in the Loving, it’s truly a magical place to live. I see YOU, I believe in YOU, I’m here for YOU, you don’t have to do this alone. You can do this, YOU are powerful beyond measure, you’re a gift a golden treasure. I get it, I’ve been there, I’m still learning and growing. I’m no better than you, through my experiences I’ve gained much wisdom, knowledge and LOVE and now I get to assist others like you in having the most AMAZING LOVE affair with life and with beautiful YOU. YOU ARE WORTH IT!

Are you now ready to say YES to YOU today? To find out more about how I can support you on your journey, feel free to go to my services page. My Services

You’re more then just a body, there’s a beautiful, creative, loving and free spirit inside of YOU that wants to shine, will you let it?

For more videos, feel free to visit my youtube channel Debra Mittler

You Are Loved


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