img_4877 Hello Beautiful souls; here’s a little bit about me as you might be wondering who I am and how Living in the Loving came about. Well, I’ve had an interesting life and I can say quite challenging, however, I’m very grateful for it all as it’s shaped me into the woman I am today.

From my earliest memory I felt unlovable and very different from others; I often felt lonely, frightened and misunderstood and I didn’t understand why it was so difficult for me connect with people. As a child I ate a lot, food became my companion until age 13 when my doctor told me to lose weight, then food became an enemy. At age 15 I entered my first hospital for anorexia weighing 80 pounds and for over 23 years of my life, I was in and out of hospitals and treatment centers struggling with severe anorexia, compulsive exercise, hating myself and hating life. I was consumed with self hatred and eating disorder behaviors and I wouldn’t do anything that interfered with my eating and exercise routine, it was all that my life was about. I despised watching everyone else having fun as I was torturing myself, however, I was too frightened to change my patterns; my mind and body had become so fixed and habituated that it seemed as if I was doomed. (Feel free to read more about my experience in My Story)

I often heard from others “You just need to love yourself” I thought “What do you mean, how do I do that?” I became so accustomed to treating myself badly that it was all that I knew. I had to learn or should I say un-learn the ways that I was living by questioning my conditioning and then re-learn how to LOVE myself. It’s been quite a journey if you could only imagine after years of being at war with myself. But I stayed with it, I was determined to live in LOVE no matter what I had to do, heal or grow through.

It didn’t happen overnight, but today, I’m very grateful to say that I LOVE myself, I LOVE life and I LOVE assisting others in opening to that space inside where their true selves reside.

My connection to my inner BEing is AMAZING, I’ve come out of my shell and I LOVE WHO I AM. I LOVE dancing, singing, creating, having fun and playing, playing, playing all day, every day. To me this is what life’s about, playing and having fun, in-Joying everything that I do. Every day I celebrate BEing alive, I value and appreciate myself and this life experience. I LOVE expressing and sharing in my own unique way and letting my energy flow easily and naturally. I don’t look for others to approve of what I do, I just let whatever comes through to come through. I’ve woken up to the real me, I feel expansive, happy and free, living in alignment with WHO I was created to BE, loving myself and others unconditionally.

My vision/mission, Living in the Loving was BEing birthed through me during my healing/transformation process, however, I had no idea it would bloom into what it is today. I just had faith and trust that something was happening even though I didn’t know what it was. I surrendered the need to know and continued doing what was in front of me in the moment. By doing the inner work my outer world started to change. As I started treating myself in more loving ways, I felt more comfortable in my skin and around others and the LOVE I was feeling was being reflected back to me. I started feeling happy for no reason other then BEing at peace inside. What I’ve come to realize is, not only was I changing from the inside out, I was being prepared for bringing forth this vision by coming into alignment with who I truly am, listening to my heart and soul and experiencing my natural gifts, talents and abilities and now I get to assist others in doing the same.

I’ve always felt something deep inside of me wanting to be expressed, however, it was covered with guilt, fear and shame. By being present, clearing away what no longer serves me, putting my attention on Loving myself and others, finding joy in my life and being creative, I began to feel more relaxed and peaceful as the LOVE within started to bloom.

People often ask me how I got “better” and I say, “Healing is a process not an event, we’re always learning, growing, healing and evolving.” The idea of “better” to me is more then just healing from an eating disorder or any other addiction or illness, it’s having inner peace and loving, appreciating, valuing and enjoying ourselves, others and our life experience.img_4888-2Who’s to say what’s right or wrong, we each have our own spiritual curriculum, the events, people and situations in our lives are serving a purpose in one way of another. There’s so much more going on beyond what we see and I truly believe that all of our experiences are a gift; the challenges, the people, the lessons, the blessings, the awarenesses, the pitfalls, the miracles etc., they’re all serving a purpose in our spiritual evolution.

Through my experiences I’ve gained a tremendous amount of Compassion, wisdom, LOVE and appreciation for myself, others and my life experience. I’ve attuned to my personal power, strength and authentic expression, I’m experiencing what it’s like to feel valuable, worthy and Lovable and I’m following my heartfelt dreams of sharing my creativity, wisdom, healing and loving energy with people all around the world.

I now feel very confident in my ability to assist others on their journey, as in healing and loving myself, I’m more able to support others in doing the same. I feel like a “whole” new person, that I’ve been given a fresh new start. I LOVE waking up feeling excited with wonder and awe, looking forward to the exciting new adventures that await for me to participate in.

I truly believe that my vision “Living in the Loving” isn’t merely a goal; it’s the Universe working with me on my theme for transformation and living in alignment with my heart and soul. I LOVE BEing used as a vehicle for the Love of the Divine to be seen, heard, experienced and expressed, lifting the vibration of LOVE all around the world. I’m living my passion, my purpose, my heartfelt desires, I’m free to BE me and LOVIN it!

I invite you to join me in Living in the Loving, it’s truly a magical place to reside. If I can do it, you can too, I believe in YOU and I LOVE YOU.

Much Love,




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