Hello Beautiful souls; this is me, happy, loving, wild and free, however, you might be wondering about my journey and how Living in the Loving came about eh?

Well, I’ve had an interesting life thus far and I can honestly say that it’s been quite challenging. However, I’m very grateful for everything that I’ve been through as it’s shaped me into the woman I am today.

From my earliest memory I felt uncomfortable BEing in my body and being on this planet or perhaps just BEing. I didn’t understand why everyone got mad at me, I was just “BEing me.” I spoke and acted in ways that were “abnormal” to my family and friends. I also saw things beyond this earthly reality and when I talked about them I was called crazy. Soon enough I started to shut down in fear of what others would say about me.

This happened around age eight and that’s when I turned to food for comfort and safety. Then, at age 13 my doctor told me to lose weight, this was when my relationship with food and with myself went from being a friend to being an enemy. At age 15 I entered my first hospital for anorexia weighing 80 pounds and for over 23 years of my life, I was in and out of hospitals and treatment centers struggling with self hatred, acting out in eating disorder behaviors, taking pills, having suicide attempts and living in depression, lack, limitation and fear. I despised watching everyone else having fun as I was torturing myself, however, I was too frightened to change my patterns; my mind and body had become so fixed and habituated that it seemed as if I was doomed. (Feel free to read more about my experience in My Story)

I felt hopeless and no one was able to help me change, even after numerous years of going to therapy and treatment centers. So, how did I get to where I am today? I finally took my healing into my own hands and found myself on a spiritual journey.

All I really wanted was to BE LOVED, BE happy and feel at peace inside and I finally started to experience this by healing the hurts, the pains and the shame that I was carrying around. I also did this by learning how to be a more loving and compassionate friend with myself. Soon enough the eating disorder and the other ways that I was abusing myself naturally fell away and life became more exciting day by day.

Everything I’ve been through has prepared me for what I now do. I’m a natural born healer, this I know and in healing myself, I’m now able to assist others in BEing FREE and living from the light of their inner BEing. I get it, I know the pain, the hopelessness and the struggle and I also know the other side of living in peace, LOVE, joy happiness and FREEDOM.

Here I am today, and I can honestly say that I LOVE BEing me and I LOVE doing what comes naturally. I feel like a WHOLE new person, I’ve transformed into the woman I’ve always wanted to BE. I LOVE dancing, singing, hiking and creating, I LOVE letting my energy flow from the light of my inner glow. I LOVE feeling my connection to source, this is what keeps me on my course. I LOVE sharing my LOVE with others, experiencing heartfelt connections with my sisters and brothers.

If you would have told me that this was possible 30 years ago, I would have laughed in your face. I had no concept of what happiness, fun or LOVE was, as I was living in so much darkness and fear.

I truly believe that my vision “Living in the Loving” isn’t merely a business or a place to assist others in their healing and bringing more loving to the world, it’s also the Universe working with me on my theme for transformation and living in alignment with my heart and soul.

I invite you to join me in Living in the Loving, it’s truly a magical place to reside. If I can do it, you can too, I believe in YOU and I LOVE YOU.

Much Love,




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