whyarewedoingthis1. Why are we doing this?

Living in the Loving wants you to know that you’re Valuable, appreciated and Loved. We see all beings as worthy regardless of race, religion, vocation, sexual preferences, lifestyle etc. We came into this world with a knowing that we’re LOVED, somewhere along the way we became socialized and some of us disconnected from our natural essence. Living in the Loving is about loving, accepting and embracing ourselves unconditionally, allowing a loving re-integration with our natural state of being. There’s a profound healing that takes place when we re-integrate and align with our natural essence, which is LOVE. We feel more relaxed and peaceful, our lives begin to flow more easily and naturally and we have the energy needed to move towards and experience our heartfelt dreams and desires. When we’re living from our core, the LOVE within, we easily and naturally act in loving ways towards ourselves and others, lifting the vibration of LOVE all around the world. Since all Love really begins with Self-Love; when we’re loving and compassionate with ourselves, we’re more opt to be loving and compassionate with others and experience a more joyful and rewarding life.

2. Why are we the people to do it?

Since my earliest memory I felt unloved and unlovable and I didn’t feel like I belong. As I got older I started to treat myself badly, criticizing and judging my every thought, word and action, starving my body and polluting my mind with negative chatter. My relationship with myself was toxic and I wondered why I wasn’t able to connect with others and enjoy my life. Over the past few years I’ve immersed myself in my spiritual practices and have cleared away many judgments, negative thoughts, beliefs and misunderstandings that we’re blocking me from experiencing my true self and replacing them with compassion and Love. Living in the Loving is about living from the core of our being and residing in the love within. I know what it’s like to have the idea that I was unlovable and alone. I found ways to soothe that part of myself by embracing myself unconditionally and filling myself with compassion and love and now I am sharing them with you. I know it works because today I’m happy and free, I love myself, I love life, I feel more relaxed and peaceful, my energy is free flowing and I’m experiencing and expressing my natural talents and abilities and I’m filled with Peace, Love, Joy and Abundance in, through and all around me.

3. Why is now the time to start?

More and more people are opening their hearts and wanting to make a difference in the world, and in my opinion making a difference starts with aligning with who we truly are; experiencing the Love within. Since every relationship is really a relationship between ourselves, when we love ourselves we feel LOVED and when we feel loved we treat ourselves and others with love and appreciation. Many people are wanting the world to change and we believe that in order for the world to change, we must BE the change we want to see in the world.

4. What will happen because this idea exists?

There will be more Peace, Love, Joy, Happiness and Well being flowing in, through and all around us, allowing us to experience Heaven on earth.

5. Who is it for?

Living in the Loving is for everyone, LOVE is our divine nature. Living in the Loving’s products and services are here to remind YOU of your true nature and that YOU ARE LOVED and valuable just as you are. LOVE and belonging is actually the highest need that humans possess; when we LOVE and embrace ourselves unconditionally we begin to feel a sense of wholeness from within and one with all that is.

6. Why will they care?

Living in the Loving believes that people will care because feeling loved aligns us with our natural state of being. Many people are looking for Love outside of themselves with the idea that others are responsible for them to feel Loved, which can create fear of losing the other person and co-dependency. Imagine what it would be like to experience Love regardless of who’s in your life, what you’re doing or not doing and you’re making decisions based on Love instead of fear. When we’re aligned with the LOVE within, we have a sense of calm and ease, our lives flow more easily and naturally and we attract wonderful relationships and divine opportunities that are in alignment with who we truly are.

7. How can we add more value?

Living in the Loving is adding more value to the world by offering ways to assist you in aligning with the LOVE within. When we feel Loved by treating ourselves in loving ways we are more opt to make loving decisions for ourselves, others and our environment. Many people use drugs, alcohol or other behaviors as a coping mechanism, to fill the emptiness within and to find a sense of relief. Imagine that you’re having a stressful day or you’re feeling lonely, you can put on your I AM LOVED shirt, wrap yourself in the warmth of loving energy and spend a few moments in meditation, breathing in I am Loved and breathing out I love you, you’re now feeling more relaxed and peaceful as this loving energy flows through you and out from you to everyone and everything, allowing yourself and others to feel Loved on a conscious and unconscious level.



8. What happens because our business or project exists?

Living in the Loving’s intention is to assist you in enhancing the quality of your life by aligning with your natural state of being, the Love within. We truly believe that when we feel loved something magical happens, a divine healing and loving integration takes place and we feel more relaxed allowing us to listen to, trust and follow our own inner guidance.

9. What’s our greatest strength?

Living in the Loving’s greatest strength is that the energy comes from the LOVE of the Divine. The power of the universe is producing all that is necessary in order for us to manifest and continue to manifest the way we’re meant to. We’re allowing growth, expansion, divine partnerships and opportunities to happen easily and naturally.

10. What do we value?

Living in the Loving values people, we Love and embrace everyone’s beauty and uniqueness; we want all beings on earth to know and experience how valuable, beautiful and lovable they are. Our mission is to assist those who are wanting to come into alignment with their natural state of being, the LOVE within and share their natural gifts and talents allowing us to live in Heaven on earth just like the Angels above.

11. What do we want to change?

Living in the Loving’s mission is to bring forth more healing and Loving energy to people all around the world, enhancing the quality of our lives. We intend to change the way we see and treat ourselves and others. We believe in equality, that we are all made from the same loving energy. “In the Healing is the Loving and in the Loving is the Healing” and healing takes place when we LOVE and embrace everything that we’re feeling.

12. What promises do we want to make and keep?

Living in the Loving intends to be the best we can be and continue to allow the LOVE of the divine to inspire, lead, guide and infuse us with Healing and Loving energy; allowing us to expand and grow, BLESS and be BLESSED, LOVE and be LOVED and do our part in lifting the vibration of LOVE all around the world.

Debra Mittler

You Are Loved


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