What’s the best that can happen? Have you ever asked yourself this question? Most often when we start something new and we’re stepping into the unknown our mind automatically searches for things that happened in the past that might have been similar and either it worked out or it didn’t. If it didn’t, then we often put the brakes on. Do you really know what will happen? Are you the same person you were when you did this or something similar before? Are ya focused on what you’ll lose instead of what you’ll gain?

Perhaps right now you’re moving towards a dream, a goal, a desire, something that truly lights your fire. You’ve visioned, you feel good about it and all the sudden, bam, you get hit with doubt or fear. I get it, I’ve been there, I think this is normal. What’s happening is you’re bringing to the surface things you’ve learned along that way that might not be serving you today. It’s time to look within. Instead of “trying” to make your dream happen, stop what you’re doing, notice how you’re feeling and what you’re saying to yourself about this situation. Is it supportive in achieving what you want to achieve? What limitation or belief is being shown to you so you can see how you’re creating your reality? What needs to shift inside so you can experience more of you and your dreams on this earthly ride?

I know, sounds easy peasy right? Just find the belief and shift it. Well, in a sense it is, however, our minds and bodies have become conditioned to being a certain way. Why do you think you can change for a few days and then you find yourself going back to the old way of thinking, feeling and acting? It’s called conditioned response, the more we do something the more engrained it becomes. Now, I’m not sharing anything new, you probably know all this eh? Knowing is one thing, doing it is another. How many times have you been aware of something but haven’t seemed to be able to stop that behavior or change it? Perhaps there’s secondary gain, a competing intention going on that you’re unaware of, most often this is the case if you keep going back to the same ol show.

Some might say it takes 21 days to break a habit. I wouldn’t put a time frame on it. I would encourage you to notice what’s going on internally. Notice where the doubt or fear is coming from. Often it’s coming from a younger part of us that hasn’t grown up yet, they want us to notice them, they’re asking for our LOVE, understanding and help. But how can we help this part of us if we don’t know how or we’re not loving ourselves yet? That’s a great question. There’s a lot of talk about self LOVE, but what is self LOVE really? Well, everyone will have their own perspective, here’s mine. “Self LOVE is BEing with yourself Unconditionally.” Ya, buying ourselves nice things is great, but that’s external, it’s a bonus to BEing with ourselves Unconditionally. Once you’re feeling safe BEing you, you’ll be amazed at what you can now do and how much inspiration and guidance flows through from the wise part of you that might have been blocked by doubt and fear, get it?

If you like children, you probably find it easy to LOVE them and want to show them LOVE, especially when they’re crying or upset. There’s a little one inside of us who wants and needs that too. Even though we can’t see them, we can feel or sense them, they’re actually the ones running the show, when they feel safe, you’ll know. If you can’t sense them it might help to find a picture of you when you were younger and look at it everyday. Will this help you change, it will soften your heart, change is a whole other story.

We change by having courage, by walking through the fear, by doing it anyway even when we’re scared. By acknowledging the scared part of us, comforting them and letting them know everything will be okay. Each step we take helps us build our confidence, but sometimes we’re scared to take that first step, I get it, I did too. Most often it’s because the fear of judgment arises, the fear of looking stupid arises, the fear of not being good enough, ya I know, that damn comparison trap too. What if you knew this was all something you’re creating from how you feel inside? What if the opposite were true? How would you feel and what would you do? What if you didn’t even think about this, you stopped trying to figure out how or worrying about what others might say and you just did what excites ya in the moment? You mights say “Oh wow, I can do that?” YES YOU CAN, we all can. Once we clear the way from your conditioning and we’re living from the light of your inner BEing, then you’ll understand what I mean.

You’re gonna F….. up and you’re gonna win, it’s part of being human, can you find the fun and humor in this adventure? Can you see that this is all a game, if not, you’re gonna go insane.

Here’s some questions for you to ponder, go ahead and let your mind wonder. “What’s one or two things that I can do today to live the life I want to experience in this earthly play? Who do I want to BE on this magical journey? How do I truly want to feel, what do I want to make real? What are my dreams showing me, how are they helping to set me free? Free of judgment and fear so my True Self guide and steer.” Take some time and answer these questions today and notice what you truly want in this earthly play. Notice how everything you’re going through is actually serving you. It’s helping you become free of this worldly reality and choose who you want to BE.

You CAN BE who you choose to BE and LOVE yourself Unconditionally. It might take practice but soon you’ll see, what it’s like to Be happy and free. Living each day in peace and LOVE, just like the Angels in heaven above.

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