Spiritual Alignment is spiritual healing; it’s the process of awakening to our true SELVES. For many this can be challenging and disorienting because we’re moving from our conditioning into living from the light of our inner BEing. Much of what we’ve learned along the way is now being questioned, shifted, healed and transformed so our true selves can BE born. Ya, I know, urgghhhh and yay right?

For some this might be a bit scary, as many of us have become identified with addictions, identities, roles we play, how we feel, see, act and believe and how we think we “should” BE in order to be accepted and LOVED by society and we hold on tightly. Letting go can seem like death, and in a sense it is, we’re de-constructing the old survival/ego mechanism so we can BE FREE and let our true SELVES BE felt and seen.

Many of us have been programmed in a way that we’re living our lives by what others had to say, this is what I call our conditioning and it’s often in the way of allowing us to feel and live from the truth at our core.

Some of us numb ourselves with food, drugs or alcohol, we’re carrying around anger, unforgiveness, pains, guilt, hurts or wounds that we may or may not be consciously aware of. Sometimes we brought these energies in with us from past lives and sometimes they were created from traumatic or painful experiences in this life.

Because we didn’t know to deal with our hurts and pains when they were created, we pushed them down and they became energy blockages/imprints in our bodies.

When we’re triggered we think that what’s happening is “what’s happening.” But really what’s happening is that we’re re-living an old wound that hasn’t yet been embraced, healed, LOVED and integrated.

Until those emotional blockages are healed/LOVED/transformed, we will continue to respond from and filter our perceptions and points of views from those past hurts and wounds and acting them out (unconsciously) in our relationships and in our lives today.

So, if we’re struggling in our relationships, with addictions or life and we really don’t know why, the why is often because of what we’re carrying inside. Our unresolved issues, the emotional glue is what’s creating our challenges and struggles today.

We can become aware of our unresolved issues by noticing whenever we’re feeling angry, upset, anxious, depressed, lonely, suicidal, fearful, jealous etc. We can also notice them when we’re experiencing a challenge, headaches, back aches, body pain, illness, addictions, etc.

Most often our initial response to these feelings and experiences are to try to change the outer, fix or soothe the symptom with food, medication or drugs, blame another person or we try to get the lover back who “left us.” Or we try to compensate for not feeling worthy or good enough by focusing all of our energy on accumulating more money or more stuff.

I often hear people say “I’m not going to talk about or bring up my past.” But really, if we haven’t healed those unresolved issues, then our past is still running in our nervous system and is filtering and creating our lives today; we’re still responding and re-acting from our past hurts and pains, get it?

Why is it important to heal and transform that energy with LOVE? So we can BE at peace in our body glove. We’ll continue to be put in situations to bring those unresolved hurts and pains to the surface until they’re healed, why? Because we’re not meant to carry it inside, we’re meant to BE free to enjoy this earthly ride. We’re meant to live from our core, by clearing a way, we can live in our truth today and our lives will flow more easily in every way.

In order for us to truly BE FREE and live from the light of our inner BEing IS to allow a Spiritual Healing. What does this mean? Facing our past hurts and traumas with unconditional LOVE and addressing the emotional pain they’ve created. Spiritual Healing is going to the root (core belief) that’s creating the fruit (our thoughts, feelings and behaviors) It’s noticing the false identities we’ve created to cope with our fears and pains and noticing the masks we wear so we could feel okay and be LOVED and accepted by others in this earthly play. It’s shifting that energy in a way that we know the truth of who we are today.

Many of us have created a “false self” to protect ourselves. We did this to hide the parts of ourselves that we didn’t like, our fears or our feelings of weakness or unworthiness. Some of us have created coping mechanisms like addictions to food, drugs, alcohol, smoking, sex, etc. We live in a culture of materialism and escapism, wearing masks to look good, to be accepted and LOVED and consume things of this world to fill an inner void. We’re portraying an image on the outside of power and having it all together, while deep inside we’re feeling powerless, not good enough, lonely and not okay.

We act out in behaviors opposite of who we truly are either because of our conditioning or because we’re afraid to show our true selves and many of us hide behind addictions and masks. By doing so we’ve become separated from the truth at our core.

Those “negative” habits/coping mechanisms help us deal with the anxiety we’re feeling that’s stemming from past unhealed pain and trauma. Perhaps it might not feel like these coping mechanisms are “negative” to us because they help us feel okay, but, if deep inside we’re feeling pain, anxiousness, not good enough or emptiness then, I think you know what I’m gonna say eh?

So, how do we get FREE today? Awareness is the first step, then we can see where we can correct or rather embrace with LOVE everything that we’re feeling and that’s happening, this will bring forth a Spiritual Healing. It’s not about putting a new kind of program in us or changing our personality, instead what’s happening is we’re releasing the glue (energy blockages) so our Divine SELVES can shine through.

There’s a power, a presence, a LOVE, a light in you, this is the truth of YOU. Acknowledging, healing, loving, integrating and forgiving IS what sets us free, this my LOVES aligns us with our inner BEing. “Spiritual Alignment/Spiritual Healing.”

This is a process, and, if I can do it, you CAN too. How do I know that you’re now ready? Because you’re reading this article, you’ve been attracted to my website, you’re now ready to LOVE yourself unconditionally and live from the light of your inner Being.

You’re now ready to take back your power, release what no longer serves you and experience self LOVE and inner peace.

You’re now ready to build a foundation in YOU, so everything you do, is fulfilling to you.

You’re now ready to find new and healthier ways of BEing, where LOVE and LOVING are felt and seen.

You’re now ready to live in alignment with your truth, when you do, synchronicities happen naturally for you.

You’re now ready to let your creativity flow, from the light of your inner glow.

You’re now ready to live from that passion inside, that allows you to really enjoy this earthly ride.

You’re now ready to LOVE and be LOVED, comfort the child within and BE your own best friend.

You’re now ready to shine in your unique way and share your gifts in this earthly play.

You’re now ready to be gentle and loving with yourself and take good care of you and your health.

You’re now ready to experience more LOVE, more JOY, more FREEDOM, more ABUNDANCE and release the subconscious interference.

You’re now ready to let go of the judgments, misperceptions, limitations and fears, forgive yourself and others with a knowing that we’re all doing the best we know how.

You’re now ready to break out of the trance of past conditioning, to question your beliefs, thank them for how they’ve served you, and let your energy naturally flow through.

You know deep inside that you’re worthy and deserving, strong, capable and powerful beyond measure. You know that life is on your side and you’re divinely guided. You know that you’re a divine being and that you’re filled with infinite potential. You know that everything that you need to BE you is inside of YOU. You know that you’re here for a reason and that YOU are an important part of the Divine plan. You know that everything you’ve been through has made you the unique and beautiful being you are today. You know that life wants for you what your heart and soul wants for you. You know that healing is possible. You’re now ready to let go of right or wrong and embrace the uniqueness of your authentic song.

Your presence is a gift to the world. YOU are important, YOU are worthy, YOU are valuable, YOU matter, YOU are safe and YOU ARE LOVED. You may not know this consciously, however, there’s something deep inside of you that’s saying, YES, YES, YES,

This YES is your inner BEing speaking to you, are you now ready to release the glue? Are you now ready to heal the emotional blockages inside, so you CAN BE FREE on this earthly ride?

You CAN do this, I’m over here cheering ya on, you don’t have to do this alone, I’ve walked through my shadows and now I’m walking in the light of LOVE and my energy flows freely throughout my body glove.

I would be delighted to assist you in BE=coming FREE so you too can live from the light of your inner BEing and experience even more peace, LOVE, joy, abundance and harmony.

Debra Mittler

You Are Loved


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