Have you ever had a desire? I know, kinda a funny question eh? Where do our desires come from? Why do we each have different desires? Desires come from a place inside showing us what’s right for us on this earthly ride. However, us humans tend to get in the way and try to control what happens in our earthly play. We get a vision of how we want to BE living and WE WANT IT NOW! Can you relate? The key is to know where the vision is coming from. Is it coming from a place of compensation, ego or is it coming from your true heartfelt desires?

Our experience here is really about expansion and getting to know more of who we truly are. It’s about learning how to manage our energy, trusting, letting go and living in the Divine flow. Our lives are unfolding perfectly for our souls growth and evolution. Most often it’s not what we think we want to have anyway, it’s the feeling of BEing okay, BEing LOVED, valued, appreciated and adored. So, you get a car, a house, success in your business, tons of money or even a hot honey. If you’re not yet aligned inside, those things will create more havoc then good.

Where are you getting your power from? Is it from the things of this world. Imagine if all of that was taken away, how would you feel today? Get to know the real you, it’s not what you have or what you do. When you have a true foundation of who you are inside, everything is a blessing on this earthly ride. Ya don’t have the need to chase after people, places or things, instead what you want and need flows to you naturally. The universe knows what you want and need in order for you to BE happy and free. So are you willing to surrender control, live in the flow and connect with your inner glow? Are you ready to follow the guidance from inside and enjoy the journey on this earthly ride?

Desires are a great thing, when they’re coming from the light of our inner BEing. If it’s a true heartfelt desire, it’s going to happen for you in some way so relax, let go and enjoy the day. Feel the feeling that the desire brings you, and let that feeling guide you in what to do. Hey, you really already have inside of you what you’re looking for in the world, but most of us think that the “Objects” are the prize. I get it, I’ve been there too, it’s what the world teaches us; “do more, BE more, have more and you’ll see that you’re worthy.”

Do you realize you were born with your value and worth, this was given to you at your birth? There’s no-thing that can prove this to you, it’s truth that when you really get it, you’ll be amazed how much more relaxed you feel throughout the day. Walking in the world with a smile on your face, having so much LOVE for yourself and the human race. it’s a choice we have each day, we all get to choose how we want to experience our earthly play. The path that you’re on is perfect for you, listen to your heart and what it’s guiding you to do. Don’t buy into the fears of this world, trying to be better then other boys and girls. No one is better or worse, physical stuff doesn’t determine your value and worth. And if you think it will bring you joy, well, if you’re not happy now then…….. No thing outside of you will do that for you. Work on your connection to the Divine, it’s the greatest treasure you’ll ever find. But don’t take my word for it, see for yourself, tune into to your divine wealth. The wealth of abundance, peace, LOVE and joy, this wealth lives in you and every girl and boy. When you do, you will feel, what is true and what is real. Everything that is meant for you today, will come more easily in this earthly play. It’s all happening in Divine order, relax, let go, live in the flow and enjoy each moment in this earthly show.

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