There’s so much more going on then what we’re seeing and there’s more of us then who we perceive ourselves to BE. Us humans get so damn impatient, we want what we want when we want ti. I get it, I catch myself falling into this trap too and when I do I remind myself that all is well and to see beyond the worldly veil.

There’s a divine order taking place and when we really trust this, I mean REALLY TRUST this, we can relax, let go, live in the divine flow and follow where our inspiration guides us to go. When we do we can embrace the learning opportunities as well as the blessings that are in our lives today that are helping us grow and expand in our earthly play.

Sometimes we think we’ll feel better “if only we had or did……” Wanting the “outside” situations to change so we can then BE happy. If this is you, be easy on you, this is what most of us were taught and it’s an idea that we bought. The truth of YOU is whole and complete all the way from your head to your feet. Feel into what I’m conveying today, this will open ya up in a WHOLE new way. Make your inner BEing louder then the worldly chatter.

Am I saying “don’t go after your dreams” nope, this isn’t what I’m saying at all. There’s a reason why you have your dream, it’s coming from the light of your inner being. It’s showing you what’s right for you today and what you CAN achieve in this earthly play. It’s helping you discover more of yourSELF and to take your talents off the shelf. Tune into the source of YOU and let it guide you in what to do.

Sometimes our dreams are just to help us grow, and we’re not meant to have them in this earthly show. WTF…… you just said “If you have a dream it’s coming from your inner BEing.” Ya, that’s true and as we move towards them we grow too, what’s right for you now may not be right for you later, are ya understanding what I’m saying here? Our dreams CAN and often do happen the way we want them to, and sometimes we get an even better surprise, get it?

So, I invite you to relax into the day. To set your intention in the morning on WHO you want to BE and let this dominate your reality. When you’re inspired, take action right away before your mind gets in the way. However, You can train your mind in a way that you believe in yourSELF right now today. You’ve got what it takes to BE you, no one can do what you came here do. The world will be missing out if you’re filled with fear and doubt. So go ahead and follow your heart and give yourSELF A fresh new start. Know that there’s so much more going on behind the scenes, stay true to your vision and what makes your heart sing. You are safe and YOU ARE LOVED, you’re a gift sent from heaven above.

Loving you Beautiful souls

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