Are you moving towards a dream, a goal, a desire? is there something that you want to have or experience but it just doesn’t seem to be happening? You’re thinking “What the F…… I’m doing everything right, I’ve been visualizing, doing my affirmations, I’ve even been taking action but it doesn’t seem to be happening.” Hold on my LOVE, before you get frustrated or give up, there’s so much more going on then what we’re seeing. Us humans are so damn impatient, we want what we want when we want it. What are our dreams, goals and or desires really for? Aren’t they to help us get to know more of who we truly are? You might believe this or not, that’s okay, keep reading anyway.

There can be many reasons why we’re not getting what we’re wanting. Let’s look at the first, are ya ready? What happens when we get an idea about something that we want in our lives is that whatever isn’t resonating with it inside of us will be shown to us. Let me explain it in another way; we might have ideas/beliefs/perceptions that are in the way that are keeping us from having what we want, so they’re being shown to us so we can shift our perception and point of view to what’s in alignment with what we are wanting. Perhaps there’s someone we need to forgive, maybe it’s ourselves. Perhaps we have a false idea that we’re not worthy. Perhaps we really don’t want what we’re saying because there’s secondary gain to not having it. There might be a part of us that feels it’s more beneficial to stay the same. Another reason might be that we’re heading in a direction that’s not going to give us the experience we want so a door has shut or we’re being detoured to something new. Perhaps we’re thinking too small and the universe wants to give us more or something better. These are just a few examples, can you see how there’s so much more going on then what we’re seeing, and that everything is really serving our souls growth and evolution?

There are infinite ways to view any situation as well as infinite ways that what we want CAN come about. When we look for the gift, the gift we’ll find. I know, sometimes it’s hard when we’re in it. For instance; in 2012 I was in a major car accident, I went right into a UPS truck and totaled my car. Prior to that I was praying to be shown my divine purpose. I had many intuitive hits to leave the job that I was at, in fact I quit at one time and then went back and 2 months later I was in a car accident. After healing from the accident I tried many times to get my job back and my boss didn’t hire me. I also applied at numerous other jobs in the same field but nothing was happening. I was running away from doing what I’m doing now which is assisting others in healing, loving themselves and living their deepest truth. Sometimes if we don’t listen to our inner guidance a crises will wake us up. How does this relate to the topic? Well, I said I wanted to know my purpose but I was scared to follow what I felt deep within and the guidance I received. The secondary gain was that I wanted to be “safe” by keeping things the same and I didn’t want to try something new because I might “fail.” There was some inner conflict to having what I wanted, get it? T

I got a vision after praying about knowing my divine purpose, but I was too frightened follow through and that fearful part of me put the brakes on every time I took a step in that direction. I had to shift my perceptions and beliefs and help that part of me feel safe and LOVED. The inner conflict must be resolved/integrated for our lives to flow more easily.

Here’s another example; say you want to have a love relationship. You say you’re ready, you feel ready on the surface level, but somehow you seem to be attracting the “wrong” person or no person at all. Or when you go out on a date with someone you feel uncomfortable, the person triggers something inside of you that’s asking to be healed. If ya can see this as a gift, a clarifying moment, you notice what you can learn and you thank them for helping you see what’s truly happening inside of you, then it’s perfect eh?

This is why I say to always look for the gift or the silver lining in every situation. If you just shut it out and blame them, hey, guess what, most likely someone else will come along and do the same thing. If you want a deep connection with a lover, loving yourself is the first step and healing the pain from the past so the walls around your heart can come down which allows you to BE open to LOVE fully, get it? Will there still be issues in a LOVE relationship, most likely, we learn and grow through our relationships. So, it’s not really about waiting for the “perfect lover” or for yourself to be perfect, it’s about learning in every situation. Hey, you know deep inside whether it’s worth it to stay with them or not.

Do we really want everything we ask for to come right away? Maybe, that would be nice eh? However, I find that it’s through the lessons, the blessings, the journey along the way that I get to build my faith, trust, strength, confidence, heal and learn more about myself. Sometimes what we say we want isn’t in our highest good and it might actually create more havoc then good in our lives. Have you heard the expression “Rejection is Gods protection?” You’re divinely, guided, supported and so very LOVED. Once you truly realize this at the deeper level of your BEing, you’ll see that all of your situations are always working out for YOU.

So, now that I shared how deal with and understand why your dreams might not be happening yet, let’s talk about what you can do today. Find the feeling that excites you about your dream, hey, it could just be that; EXCITEMENT. Let yourself feel this feeling in every cell of your BEing. Just focus on the feeling for at least five minutes a day with the idea that anything is possible. Do this every morning and perhaps throughout the day. You can also re-call a time or many times where you felt EXCITED so you can see that it’s possible and let yourself re-live that feeling from a past situation. At the end of the day, write out what made you excited about the day whether it referred to your dream or not. Keep on visualizing, doing affirmations or whatever your doing. Notice what parts of you are asking to be LOVED, healed, shifted and integrated. Do this everyday with the awareness of what I shared above and watch how your dreams or something better comes your way.

You’ve been given a dream for a reason, dontcha give up when it gets hard, instead give in, see what you can learn and surrender to the Divine flow. You can do this, I believe in you and I LOVE YOU.

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