Are you ready to have an even deeper LOVE affair with yourself? What you say? “I already LOVE myself.” Ya, I know, I do too and I could also use some more loving, how about you?

Why is Self LOVE so important. Well, let’s look at the benefits of loving ourselves, are ya ready?

When we’re LOVING ourselves we’re filled with LOVE, we’re not looking to fill a void or trying to get LOVE from the outside by chasing after people, places and things. Instead, we’re more relaxed and most often the things that we want to have comes to us easily and naturally. Do ya still take steps towards what you want? Absofuckenlutely, however it’s not with an energy of “I need.” It’s more about “This is what I want to have to enjoy my life more.” Can you feel the difference?

When we’re LOVING ourselves we take personal responsibility for our thoughts, feelings and actions, especially our triggers. There’s many of us that say “I don’t care what other people think.” However, of course this is my point of view, if ya didn’t care, ya wouldn’t have to say it. (I know, I’m guilty of this one) If we’re triggered by someone, it’s showing us a belief we have inside, otherwise we wouldn’t be upset, get it? Here’s the deal, the people who trigger us are actually helping us see something we don’t want to see about ourselves. So, in essence, care about what others think of you, see how it triggers you. No trigger/reaction, it’s their stuff, send that person LOVE. If you’re triggered, hey, it’s an opportunity to look inside and see what’s asking to be LOVED and healed in you. Do you really want to be free, well, this is one way that might help ya. Thank those who trigger you, they’re helping you loosen the glue.

When we’re LOVING ourselves we feel powerful. What do I mean by this you might ask? Think about how good you feel when someone else is loving you, it’s such a great feeling eh? Ya, I know, I’m focusing outside for now, just to help you feel what it’s like. We can use outside symbols to activate how we want to feel, just know, they’re symbols, be careful about becoming attached to them. When we’re in the FEELING of BEing LOVED we often feel like we can do anything, it’s that feeling of being on top of the world, we’re living in Bliss. Imagine feeling this way all the time. The reason why I say be careful about becoming attached to the symbol is that it’s not about the outer, it’s really about how we want to feel. Use the outer to help you get accustomed to how you want to feel. This might take practice, but keep doing it everyday, soon the vibration you want to feel will be your natural way whether the “symbol” is there of not

When we’re LOVING ourselves, we believe in ourselves, which makes it easier to achieve our true heartfelt dreams and desires.

When we’re LOVING ourselves we feel valuable and worthy, we treat ourselves in loving ways and we expect the BEST life has to offer and we usually get what we expect.

When we’re LOVING ourselves we can look at ourselves and what we want to change without judgment, instead it comes from a place of compassion and LOVE “I just want to be or do better.”

When we’re LOVING ourselves it’s natural to take care of our body and health. We make more loving choices throughout the day and we live in a more peaceful and relaxed way.

When we’re LOVING ourselves we share our LOVE with others and we have heartfelt connections with our sisters and brothers.

When we’re LOVING ourselves it’s natural to share openly and honestly, this is when we’re truly free. We don’t have to filter what we say, this is how I live today. This might not be true for you, the idea is to know that you’re free to share whatever you want to. This is where authenticity and freedom of expression comes into play, you honor what you share from your unique way.

When we’re LOVING ourselves we’re honoring the one who created us, we’re saying “Thank you God for giving me this life, I’m going to LOVE and cherish the body that you created for me.”

When we ‘re LOVING ourselves we’re happier inside and life becomes a glorious ride.

When we’re LOVING ourselves, LOVE becomes the natural way for us to experience life in this earthly play.

When we’re LOVING ourselves the focus isn’t only on me, me, me, instead we’re filled with gratitude, we’re more interested then trying to be interesting by trying to get LOVE from others, instead we are celebrating the goodness in our sisters and brothers.

When we’re LOVING ourselves we want to learn, grow and evolve. We have the confidence to do things that we’ve never done before, be who we truly want to BE and discover more about ourselves, our talents and abilities.

When we’re LOVING ourselves we’re independent, meaning we make decisions on our own, we might ask for support but we feel confident in choosing what support feels right to us.

When we’re LOVING ourselves, we never feel lonely, as loneliness comes from a disconnection to ourselves and the divine. We feel good whether we’re alone or with people.

LOVING ourselves means LOVING ourselves as we are today and letting ourselves learn and grow as we move along in this earthly play. So, what do ya say, are you ready to deepen your LOVING with YOU today so you can feel more free in this earthly play?

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