Do you say affirmations? Do you visualize your ideal life, dream, goal or desire? Do you believe it’s possible? It is and……. it happens more easily when we’re aligned with the truth inside. You might be thinking “I am aligned, I feel it, I know it to be true.” I get it, I’ve said that too, about many things and somehow it was a struggle to have what I wanted or I got it and…… yep, eventually it brought misery instead of joy This was great though. Why was it great, I was able to notice what was inside of me that wanted to be set free and shift the ideas/beliefs that we’re holding me back from experiencing what I truly wanted. So, what is it that I TRULY wanted; a sense of wholeness, peace, LOVE, a connection to mySELF and the divine. I mis-interpreted that I could get LOVE, value and worth from the things of this world.

Let’s take a look at where our dreams, goals and desires come from. They come from either two places, our heart or our ego. Ego desires usually try to fill a void inside, an idea that we “need” something in order to be happy or to feel worthy. Our true heartfelt desires come from that passionate place inside, it’s often more about letting the divine energy flow through us and we trust that we’ll be divinely guided and supported. Will challenges arise, most likely, they often do whenever we expand into more of ourselves because whatever isn’t in alignment will be pushed to the surface so we can see a way to set ourselves free.

Here’s an example of what I’m conveying. Say that you want a house, you visualize it, you affirm it, you use your will power and you get the house. Great. Within a few months you start to have all kinds of house problems, why, the foundation wasn’t solid. You worked at the surface level but not at the deeper level. We CAN “manifest” anything we want because we are powerful creators and when we do, it will be a great experience when we’re truly aligned with it, get it?

You might be saying “What do you mean by being aligned with a house?” That’s a great question, you might get the house, do you truly feel you’re worthy of it? Do you believe you can handle owning it? Are you trying to prove your value and worth through material things? Are you trying to “look good” so others will see you as AMAZING? What’s really going on in your consciousness? What’s underneath what we’re saying will determine whether it’s going to be a joyful experience or challenging experience. The good thing is we’re going to learn either way.

If you truly believe your vision, goal, dream is for you, I say GO FOR IT and deal with the stuff that arises along the way. It’s like planting a garden, ya gotta clear away the weeds as they grow. Same with your vision, nurture it, water it, feel it, sense it, move towards it and notice the beliefs that arise along the way. Don’t deny it, feel into it, let yourself see what you truly believe and do the inner work to set yourself free.

Let your vision BE a way for you to feel more of YOU today. Enjoy the journey as you learn and grow and move along this earthly show. You can do this, I’m over here cheering ya on, I believe in you and I LOVE YOU.

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