Hello Beautiful souls and welcome to my services page. YAY!!!!! I’m so proud of you for taking your first step in loving, honoring and appreciating yourself. Congratulations! I’m celebrating with you over here. Below are my services that I offer. Feel free to choose the one that’s right for you. Healing and creating the life that you truly desire is a process and it can be beneficial to receive ongoing, support along the way. I’ll BE your cheerleader and your friend. I’ll BE here supporting you in aligning with your heart and soul by developing a more loving and harmonious relationship with yourself. When you do, things flow more naturally like abundance, LOVE, joy and creativity. Ya, I know, it’s EXCITING isn’t it? And it’s possible, yep, IT’S POSSIBLE to BE free and LOVE yourself unconditionally. IT’S POSSIBLE to experience peace inside and enjoy your journey on this earthly ride. IT’S POSSIBLE to experience your heartfelt dreams and desires and do what truly lights your fire. There’s so much more of YOU to discover and more ways to become an even better LOVER. There’s something in YOU that’s BEing activated today, you’re now ready to live in your more natural way and it’s my joy and honor to walk with YOU on your journey today.

I offer sessions through skype, phone or in my office. Feel free to go to my contact page to schedule a discovery call and we can discuss which options are best for you given your wants and needs. (Contact Me)

If you’re already moving along your journey and you’re experiencing a challenge or you would like a “Pick me up” I offer break through sessions. In these sessions we’ll go to the root cause of the challenge/issue and shift that point of view so more and more LOVE can flow through, allowing you to come back into alignment with the truth of YOU.

In signing up for a one month program, I’ll support you in creating the life that you desire and healing any unresolved issues that might be in the way of what you’re wanting to have and experience in this earthly play. We’ll BE working from the inside out, removing the fear and doubt allowing your TRUE SELF to come about. I will also give you tools to BE at peace with with yourself and the world around you.

It does take a commitment to allow positive change to occur, or should I say to allow your divine pattern to flow through because the old you/the conditioned you will do anything in its power to stay the same, even if it’s not serving you. The reason why is that the old you has a built in survival mechanism to keep the status quo and most often that status quo is like a cover keeping you from feeling your inner glow. The truth of YOU lives at your core, it knows, peace, LOVE, joy, abundance and freedom, it knows what you came here to experience and do. By healing past hurts, wounds and shifting the beliefs that are in the way, your energy will flow more easily from the light of your inner BEing.

During this time it can be comforting to know that you’re being supported by someone who’s been there and LOVES you unconditionally. This is a process, we didn’t create the ways we’re living over night and we gotta do the inner work if we really wanna BE free.

We will connect once a week for an hour through phone, Skype or in my office.



In signing up for a three month or a six month program, all of the above will be provided as well as continued support so you CAN experience your dreams. Loving yourself is always the first step, it’s the key in believing in yourself and what you want to achieve.

There’s always more to discover about yourself. The cool thing about healing and freeing yourself from your conditioning is that your energy will flow more naturally from the light of your inner glow. And what’s even more exciting is that you’ll most likely discover, uncover or embrace hidden talents and abilities that might have been buried from years of suppression and running away from yourself, now I’d say that’s pretty exciting wouldn’t you?

As old patterns are dissolved and replaced with more empowering attitudes, beliefs, perceptions and behaviors, you’ll experience greater levels of LOVE, creativity, abundance, joy and excitement. You’ll begin to FEEL more free, more expansive, more awake, more creative and more alive, and you’ll enjoy the journey even more on this earthly ride.

I will also assist you in becoming SELF empowered by learning how to connect with and listen to your inner being/higher Self which you’ll BE able to call upon for guidance, wisdom, support, healing, clarity and LOVE.

We will connect once a week for an hour through phone, Skype or in my office as well as having two fifteen minute check in’s each week. You will also be given “homework” throughout the week that will assist you in deepening in loving yourself, keep you focused on your dreams and goals, helping you to feel supported along the way.

Three month program (12 sessions) $2500

Six month program (24 sessions) $4800



poeticWould you like to receive guidance, LOVE and support in a poetic fashion? Poetic healing offers you the opportunity to ask a question and receive the answer in a poem or a channeled writing, you get to choose which one you feel is right for you. It’s a very simple process, all you need to do is email me a question in one sentence at Debra@livingintheloving.com and I will email you your poem or writing within 24 hours. Then we will arrange a time to connect for a session either by phone, skype or email for any support, guidance or other questions that you might have.


$20 for a reading without a session

You Are Loved


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