Have you ever got really EXCITED about an idea, an inspiration, a dream/vision, having a new relationship, taking a new class or program or something you wanted to create and then you talked yourself out of it? Your mind started making up stories based on fears, past experiences, thinking what you’ll lose instead of what you’ll gain. It’s showing you your subconscious interferences or the false idea that you’re not worthy or deserving of having or experiencing……..

So, instead of questioning your mind, you gave up and now you’re in a bind. That bind is an inner conflict between you and YOU, notice how you feel, your feelings are giving you your clues to what’s really going on inside of you. Hey, we all have that old voice trying to creep in, telling us not to try and that we’ll never win. Ya gotta be consciously aware, of that voice that says beware. Have a conversation with it, ask it why it feels that way, is it because of something in the past or because you believed what others had to say?

Dontcha give up my LOVES, that EXCITEMENT is your spirit speaking to you, that inspiration is giving you your clues. Perhaps you don’t see a way, that’s okay, stay true to your heart and what it has to say and you’ll BE guided along the way.

I see too many people give up before they even start or when it gets hard and they bury their dreams in the yard. They settle for where they’re at today, instead seeing what CAN BE in this earthly play. Don’t let this be you, give yourself a chance and follow through. You’ve got what it takes to achieve, the key is to believe. Believe that you’ve been given this idea/vision for a reason, it’s your higher self speaking to you, helping you grow into more of YOU and what you CAN have and do.

I know, this all sounds simple right, and in a sense it is when you have trust and faith and you heal the inner debate. By doing the inner work we get to see what we truly believe. There’s a difference between wanting to believe and believing, get it?

This isn’t about intellectualizing what we know, it’s about moving into the radiance of our inner glow and giving up control. It’s working on the inner plane, becoming a vibrational match to what we want to experience in this earthly game. It’s having patience, trusting the process, letting go and living in the flow. Everything happens in divine order, allow yourself to learn and grow and enjoy the journey in this earthly show.

YOU know deep inside what is right for you, let the universe guide you in what to do. If an obstacle arises say “Thank you for showing me what’s in the way so I CAN have what my heart is showing me today. So I can discover more of me, so I CAN truly BE happy and free.”

I invite you to allow yourself to RECEIVE what it is you want to achieve, you’re fricken worth it. Oh, and remember to have fun and make it a game, otherwise you’ll go insane.

There’s something in you that’s BEing activated now, FEEL this and surrender the how. Act on your inspirations right away, before your mind gets in the way. The ideas and inspirations that come to you might not make sense to the logical mind, but oh my LOVES the treasure you’ll find. It’s all about trusting that there’s a divine plan for you and the universe is always giving you clues. Your true heartfelt desires will eventually happen, it’s part of your authentic fashion. Let go of the world of appearances. There’s so much more going on then what we’re seeing, stay true to the vision from your inner BEing.

You can do this, ima over here cheering ya on, I believe in you and I LOVE YOU

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