With all the money programs, Law of Attraction, get rich schemes, why the F…… isn’t everybody a millionaire? Have you ever thought about that? Here’s the deal, ya gotta work from within, in your consciousness.

Do you think millionaires sit around all day daydreaming about cars, houses, money and other things? Do you think they make vision boards of what they want to have, perhaps, they do. But most of the millionaires I know really just enjoy their show. They have a generous heart, they LOVE to share and they show others how much they truly care. They have amazing ideas and they follow through, they do what they LOVE to do. They are generous in their giving, they understand the flow of giving and receiving. They have the CONSCIOUSNESS of wealth, maybe it’s because of the cards they were dealt. Perhaps it’s because of the messages they received when they were younger or the things they achieved to help them believe that money is an ever flowing energy.

Instead of working on the outer and seeing a piece of paper called “money” and obsessing on it day and night, notice the internal fight. Notice what you were taught about what money means, does it align with your inner BEing?

If money is not flowing naturally in our lives today, there might be unconscious ideas that are in the way. So how do we get in touch with these ideas? BE HONEST with how you truly feel? We can say all the affirmations, make all the vision boards and do all the right things, but money is more then what it appears to BE, remember, it’s divine energy. In GOD we trust, this is written on the back of every bill.

The more you think you need, the more you feed the fear of NOT having, and what you focus on grows and becomes your reality. The more you see and FEEL the abundance in you and all around you, ABUNDANCE will be your reality too. It’s about about how you FEEL inside, shift the focus of money and things to enjoying the feeling of the JOY of BEing alive and make this BE the place where you confide.

Most often we’re trying to cover up a feeling of unworthiness, so we try to prove that we’re worthy by accumulating money and stuff. If this is so, you may or may not get the money you want. Why is this? Well, get the lesson first, this will quench your thirst. Realize that you were born worthy and it doesn’t come from what you have, what you do or material things. Perhaps you might have an idea that happiness and LOVE comes from the outside, so until you feel it inside you may or may not get the girl or boy or even the toys, get it?

Our self image also has a part to play too, when we LOVE, value and appreciate ourselves today, we have amazing experiences in this earthly play. By letting go of trying to make things happen and we tune into our authentic fashion. What we want and need flows to us more naturally. Now, that’s true freedom wouldn’t ya say?

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