Do you like to make your own choices? I know, kinda a ridiculous question eh? However, I invite you to honestly answer this question. Think about it, how often do you go outside of yourself to get assistance in making decisions? Perhaps you believe that you’re capable of making your own decisions and if so, this article may or may not be beneficial for you, however, ya might wanna keep reading anyway.

Why am I asking the question about “liking to make our own choices?” Too often a client will come in for session feeling confused (at least they say they are) about making a choice to do A or B. They often want me to tell them what to choose. Why? Because it’s easier if someone else makes the choice so they don’t have to take responsibility for how it works out. I get it, I’ve been there, I was so frighted of making the “wrong” choice so if someone else made it I didn’t have to feel guilty and I could “blame” them. Can you relate?

Us humans are so funny, we want to know what will happen before it happens and we also give our power away. We’re not bad for doing so, it’s what we’re taught “Mommy, Daddy and anyone in authority” knows better then we do. We look to teachers, preachers, our lovers, friends, family etc. to show us the “right” way. This isn’t a bad thing, however, how “dependent” or should I say how often do we ask ourselves the question and trust the guidance we receive?

We become SELF empowered by making our own choices, hey, we’re gonna F….. up, we’re gonna make the “wrong” choices and we’re going to make choices that work out well. It’s all part of learning and growing. Here’s the key in shifting the idea that we don’t know how to make good choices, are ya ready? EVERY choice we make, we make because of what we know at the time. What if you looked at the “failures” and the “wrong or bad choices” as clarifying opportunities. What if you had to go through those experiences to help you learn something in order for you to have what you want. EVERYTHING is a stepping stone to where we want to go and what we want to create. Sometimes there’s issues in the way and we need to go through them in order to clear something inside, get it?

There are many reasons why we give our power away and most of them stems from fear. Even seeing psychics can be a form of giving our power away. Again the need to know what will happen next comes from fear and not trusting ourselves or the universe.

People often ask me if I’m psychic, to this I respond no, however, I know your potential and I can tell what your future will bring given your current level of consciousness. I wouldn’t hold to this though because there are so many roads you can take with one shift of perception, healing past hurts and wounds and having a more expanded awareness of who you are and what you CAN do.

So, if you’re someone who relies on others to make choices for you, I invite you to look deep within and notice what’s going on. What are you afraid of? Where did you learn that others know better then YOU? Why don’t you trust yourself and the choices you make? Hey, as children we do look to authority for guidance, this is where we get our ideas about who we are and what we can do, however some of it may or may not be serving us today.

As adults, urgghhhh, I didn’t like that word in the past, why? Because the word “adult” to me meant “responsibility” and I didn’t feel capable of being respons-ABLE. It’s taken me awhile to make my own decisions and today it feels really good. Do all my decisions work out the way I want them to, sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t and that’s part of our growth process as I shared above. We mature, become SELF empowered and get to know ourselves better through making our own choices, why? Because we’re learning to listen from within instead of relying on others to dictate our lives.

Getting support is a good thing when that support is guiding us back to ourselves so we can Become SELF empowered. Think about when you go to the gym, you can have support from a trainer, but ya have to lift the weights to build your muscles, get it? It’s the same with making our own decisions, it’s okay to F….. up, we all do, like I said, it’s part of learning. Embrace it all, this is just a game, taking things too seriously can make ya go insane.

Take back your power my child my dear, there really isn’t anything to fear. Life is a journey we learn and grow, enjoy getting to know YOU in this earthly show.

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