Challenges are GREAT, we’re healing the inner debate, so CELEBRATE! Ya might be thinking “what the F……. is this girl talking about? I don’t like challenges they suck.” Ya, I understand, i’ve felt that way too, because when we’re going though it, it might not feel good, however, they’re helping us heal, they’re helping us grow, it’s part of the process in this earthly show. In a way we’re being pushed out of our comfort zone into the unknown, but dontcha worry, you’re being guided to your destiny.

We’re not bad or wrong and there’s nothing to fix, it’s more about bringing LOVE to the parts that are hurting inside and noticing our beliefs, where we confide. Sometimes we experience a challenge because we’re not on the right path, so we need a challenge to “wake us up or shake us up.”

I don’t know about you, but once I get through a challenge, I feel even lighter, I feel more expansive, I feel more free, I feel more in alignment with my inner BEing. I see challenges as a natural cleansing. Some of them we stay in for awhile and some we’re able to get what need right away, whatever is happening in our lives today is perfect for us eh?

Many people don’t want to share when they’re in a “bad space” or going through a challenge in fear of being judged by others and how we’re perceived by our sisters and brothers. I see it differently, I see that when myself, my clients or anyone else is going through a challenge, that we’re about to expand, we’re about to discover more of our infinite potential, we’re about to see a way that we can BE more FREE, we’re about to heal our unconscious deals so more and more LOVE can BE revealed.

Most often when we’re following our dreams, we’ll hit a wall so to speak. That wall is showing us old patterns, limitations and beliefs. That wall is a “challenge” get it? Most often we look at teachers, guides, healers, coaches as having it all together, let me tell ya a secret, are ya ready, NO ONE HAS IT ALL TOGETHER. Hey, they might not talk about it to you, but this is something we all GROW through.

The more free flowing our energy is inside, the more we’ll enjoy this earthly ride. This I do believe is an ongoing process, however, the more we heal our emotional wounds, the more we free ourselves from the cocoon of safety and fear and the more we can allow our true SELVES to guide and steer. I know this to be true in my own life and watching those I assist, it’s such a beautiful thing to come into alignment with our inner BEing eh?

So, if you’re going through a challenge today, don’t resist it, don’t fight it, it’s okay, you’re okay, you’re about to expend in a WHOLE new way. You’e about to discover even more of YOU, go ahead and shout woohoooo!

Loving you beautiful souls

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