Why is the idea of feeling pain so hard for many people? I think it’s harder and takes more energy to protect ourselves then to allow ourselves to feel it. Many of us use drugs, drink alcohol, get into relationships so we don’t have to feel alone, smoke, over eat try to accumulate stuff to feel good enough, or we just keep busy to protect ourselves from feeling the pain. We’ve done it for so long that we believe it’s better to live this way then to feel the pain. Is it really?

I get it, I used many ways to avoid feeling my pain. For over 23 years I was anorexic, I had many suicide attempts, I took sleeping pills, I exercised compulsively and I kept running and running and running from myself and destroying my health. How is that better? How is hurting ourselves, numbing ourselves and struggling against life better then allowing a few or many tears to flow?

Just thinking better thoughts doesn’t make the pain go away, That pain stays stored in our energy field and blocks the flow of our heart and soul. That pain will eventually get activated when we interact with others or we’re triggered, why? Because we’re not meant to carry that energy around with us, it wants to be released. If we blame the person or situation “out there” for how we feel, we’re not able to heal. No one can make us feel a certain way, if we feel anger, hurt or pain, that’s inside of us, the healing takes place when we’re willing to accept this idea and look within.

You can’t run from it, you can keep avoiding it and go through life in a way that you numb yourself every day. But, if you do, you’ll never know true peace and LOVE that resides inside your body glove. Instead you’ll be looking for people, places and things to control in order to be okay, which doesn’t allow life to flow in its natural way.

If we believe the idea that LOVE comes from another person, then we’ll fall apart when that person leaves. I see this so often with my friends and clients. Why aren’t they feeling LOVE, because they have blockages in their energy field that’s keeping the LOVE from flowing through and they’ve found a surrogate (other person) to help them feel LOVED and feel okay. Not only that, we’re taught that LOVE comes from others, this is why I question everything. This idea makes us dependent on people and things, being clingy and living in fear.

At the root of every problem/issue/unwanted feeling or unhealthy behavior is fear. WE gotta go into the fear to set ourSELVES FREE. The fear might be unconscious because we’ve suppressed it for so long, so it might be helpful to get some support. Once we release that fear, we’ll feel the LOVE flow through we’ll BE happy inside no matter what happens on our earthly ride, get it?

If we don’t clear that pain inside it will continue to filter our perceptions of life, ourselves and others, living in fear, going about the day in protection or control, not really BEing able to enjoy this earthly show. Trying to accumulate more and more stuff, to try to prove that we’re good enough.

My intention is to BE trigger free, to release the pain I’ve held in me. Am I there? I’m getting there. I can honestly say that I feel very free today. Every once in awhile I’ll get triggered and I see it as an opportunity instead of life being against me.

Everything is perfect my LOVES, let life unfold naturally by clearing the blocks you’ll BE set FREE. This is what I do as a spiritual healer, it’s my gift to assist others in the ways I’ve been able to set myself free and live from the light of my inner BEing. If you would like support, sign up some sessions with me, I will help you feel more free and align with your inner BEing.

Loving you beautiful souls

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