If you grew up in a family who believed in you, supported your dreams, lifted your spirits, your confidence and your self esteem, consider yourself a lucky ducky, it’s probably easy for you to believe in yourself today and do what makes you happy.

However, if you’re like me, you grew up in a family where anything you did was wrong and ya couldn’t dance to the beat of your authentic song. Is this a bad thing? Well some might say, I would say it’s perfect for our souls growth and what we came here to experience. Too often we compare ourselves to others, we see that they have what we want and we feel bad because it doesn’t seem to be happening for us.

Hold on my LOVES, consider what you’re growing through, the things you’ve had to overcome, the ways you’ve staying strong even when people told you that you didn’t belong or that you were’t good enough or whatever you experienced when you were a child that said it wasn’t okay for you to BE YOU.

Your past doesn’t have to determine your life today. This is a phrase we hear a lot eh? So, if it were that easy, why do so many people struggle with experiencing their heartfelt dreams and doing what makes them happy? Why do so many people not believe in themselves and keep their talents on the shelves?

If you’re like me, I didn’t believe in myself and kept my talents on the shelf because I was trying to protect myself. Protect myself from what? Being hurt by others, not going along with what they said, ya know “you can’t do anything right, you’re stupid, that’s ugly, etc.” That was the underlying energy that was driving my show. I struggled and lived in fear and I didn’t understand why. Trying to use our conscious thinking minds to understand our behaviors rarely works. Why? Because what’s driving our show is in our subconscious, in the unseen per sey.

In order for us to start to believe in ourselves, we need to take a look at what’s going on inside. It’s not about “Trying” to make ourselves believe in ourselves, it’s more about noticing when we bought into the idea that we couldn’t and how it served us to believe that. Once we notice where these ideas came from is when we can shift them. Most often these are what I call hidden intentions, just thinking about it with our rational mind doesn’t really do the “trick.” We gotta go back to the root and let that energy flow.

Like I stated above, most often we don’t know what we hold below, we just struggle and fight and dim our light.This is where spiritual healing comes into play, it’s reminding yourself of WHO you are day by day. It’s bringing LOVE to the parts that are hurting inside, noticing where you and your true self collide.

In order to build our confidence, we gotta know ourSELVES. What do I mean by this? Many spiritual teachers talk about the you, the essence of you, the observer of you, this is great to know too.
But who are YOU?
What do you LOVE to do?
What do you like and don’t like?
What’s your unique style?
What are you really good at and not good at? What colors do you like?
What food do you like?
Do you have a dream? If so, what is it? Do you believe it’s possible for you to experience it? What hobbies do you enjoy?
Do you like being around people or would you rather be alone?
What do you like to do for fun?
Answering these questions and any others that come to mind might help you get to know yourself a little better. Oh, and by the way whatever you discover is OKAY!

Why would you want to do this? In order to build our confidence it’s important to know ourselves, yes, the human part of ourselves. Becoming whole is embracing ourselves, all of us, mind, body, soul and spirit. Our unique talents and gifts. There’s something each of us are here to do that no one else can do. The world and you will be missing out if you hide behind fear and doubt. Ya might have some sh…..t ya gotta work through, but if I can do it, you can too. There’s something that’s being activated today, it’s YOU who wants to come out and play. Ya know what’s really cool? If ya have a dream, it’s meant for you, are you now ready to Believe in YOU, get to know YOU and LOVE yourself all the way through?

You CAN do this, ima over here cheering ya on.

Loving you beautiful souls

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