YAY!!!!!! Let’s only think “good” thoughts today. Are you kidding me? That’s a fear based teaching that promotes spiritual bypassing. Not only that, if we’re feeling sad, angry, depressed etc. and we just think a better thought, or we get busy to NOT feel our feelings, that’s not self LOVE, that’s self denial.

Those feelings are a part of us that are asking for our attention and LOVE. Thinking a better thought is no different from taking a drug, drinking alcohol, or whatever ya do to suppress the feelings inside of you. It’s no different from saying to a little child, “Stop crying, you shouldn’t be angry, put a smile on your face.”

Masking the hurt and pain, just makes us go insane. If we do, we’re time bombs waiting to explode and this happens “out of the blue.” What happens when we get triggered isn’t about “what’s happening in the moment” it’s activated our hurts and pains we pushed down by ignoring them. When it’s activated it’s wanting to be healed, shifted and transformed into LOVE. If we keep pushing it down, ignoring or denying it, it will get louder in some way, like disease, illness or tragedy.

We often don’t consider this in the moment, we would rather “feel better” now. That’s like an addict, they want to feel better now, so they take drugs and hurt themselves in the long run.

Once we learn how to LOVE and embrace every feeling that arises, we won’t BE fooled by the minds disguises. By making our feelings our friends today and listening to the messages they have to say, is when we’ll truly BE free in every way.

If you’re someone who believes you create your reality through your thoughts, so when you get a “negative” thought you get fearful and think a better thought, I invite you to consider this. “Have you ever worried about something and it didn’t happen? Have you ever worried about something and it did happen?” Are we really creating our reality with our thoughts or not?

Here’s what I see that this means. When we worry, we’re creating worry in our bodies, so yes, it’s creating our reality in that moment, because our reality stems from how we feel and what we say things mean. As far as the outer circumstances and what will happen, we don’t control that, even though many teachings say we do. It’s important to take action, yes, but what happens is beyond our control, especially if other people are involved.

There are lessons we came here to learn and these lessons were chosen by us before we came. The ego mind does its best to “make good things happen” and believes it’s the one doing it. Our souls know different and knows that life knows what it’s doing, get it?

We don’t control our circumstances, we do control how we feel about them and how we feel about them often stems from what we believe internally. We filter our lives through our past and if we haven’t healed our wounds, then this is how we’re seeing ourselves and our reality. Thinking better thoughts is surface level stuff, the deeper ideas is what’s creating our worldly biz.

There’s a divine plan unfolding for me and you and when we live in alignment that divine plan, things happen more easily. We get into alignment by healing our emotional wounds so our energy can naturally flow from the light of our inner glow. It’s a process, but it’s so worth it and you are too, together let’s shout woohoooo!

Loving you beautiful souls

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