Have you ever been hurt by someone or have you ever hurt someone intentionally or not intentionally? What’s really going on here, can people really “hurt us?” To this I say; not if we don’t have hurt inside us already, same is true when we “hurt” another, we can’t “hurt” them if they don’t have hurt in them, get it?

Let’s look at this idea of being hurt, are ya ready? What is hurt anyway? Anytime we’re “hurt” what’s really happening is that it’s activated a wound inside. Many people want to “blame” the other person or situation at hand, but what’s really happening is that person or situation is bringing to our awareness a past experience/hurt/blocked energy that we never dealt with that’s ready to BE felt, acknowledged, LOVED and healed.

Let’s give another example; say you were in a relationship with someone and one day they left “out of the blue.” Ya might be sad or mad because you said “they left me.” But what really happened is they just left, you added the “me.” Get it? Many people say they don’t take things personally, but hey, if we weren’t taking things personally we wouldn’t get upset eh?

Life will create situations that will bring to the surface whatever is blocked within us, why? We’re not meant to carry around our hurts. When our energy is blocked we can’t feel the LOVE in our heart, and when LOVE isn’t flowing we often reside in lower vibrations such as fear, anger, jealousy, etc. Life is helping us release what’s blocked inside so we can BE FREE. If we didn’t have any fear or hurt we’d be perfectly happy living in this world being able to experience everyone and everything with an open heart and nothing would bother us.

Everything that happens in our lives is a neutral experience, we say what it means and we say what it means stemming from the ideas, concepts and beliefs we have inside. For one it may be a happy experience and for another it might be devastating, same experience, two different perspectives.

So, how do we get free from the hurt and NOT take things personally? By taking “personal responsibility” for our actions and re-actions. Have you ever heard the phrase “Hurting people hurt other people.” When people are hurting they tend to hurt others, this may or may not be intentional, it’s just coming from a part of them that’s wanting to release that energy.

The same is true when we’re hurt, it’s a part of us saying “Please LOVE me, I want you to acknowledge me from long ago where you pushed me aside.” To understand ourselves we need to see what’s really going on internally. It’s never about the presenting issue. Same is true with addictions like eating excess food, taking drugs, drinking alcohol, smoking, etc. Those are just the symptom covering the underlying issue. Dealing with the symptom isn’t the solution, healing at the level of the cause is.

So, how do we get to the cause you might be asking? And when we get to the cause will we BE happy and free? Maybe and maybe not, sometimes if we shed light on it, that’s all we need, however, most often it’s a process. As a healer this is what I do, i help you loosen the glue so more LOVE and LIGHT can shine through. So your energy/creativity can naturally flow, so you can live from your heart and soul.

Even though many people say “I’m living in the moment.” This may be true, but most often their perceptions of life and of themselves stems from past experiences, so BEing here now is just that, having all of our energy present. If we haven’t healed the past, then we’re still living in the past and that’s where we’re viewing our lives from today, get it?

There’s nothing to be afraid of my LOVES, it’s all energy and wants to flow, it’s okay, you’re okay. We evolve and BEcome FREE by removing the blockages inside. Once you do, you’ll BE amazed at how much easier life unfolds for you and the things you CAN naturally do. If you would like assistance in getting free so you CAN live from the light of your inner BEing, feel free to go to my services page and choose the program that’s right for you.

Loving you beautiful souls

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