Have you ever said “I know that the things I’m doing and the ways that I’m feeling about myself and life isn’t who I know mySELF to be?” Hey, you’re probably right. In order to get to know ourSELVES, we need to look at our conditioning and see if it resonates with our inner BEing, what does this mean?

Many of us are walking around in a trance, thinking things happen by happenstance. What’s really happening is we’ve been programmed in a way, by what others told us to think, feel or what we started believe stemming from how we were treated as children. Now we’re like computers, we’re programs just going about the day in an automatic, habitual way.

Most often how we treat ourselves today is how our parents treated us when we were younger. For instance, I have 2 sisters, I’m the youngest and my oldest sister was treated differently then me and my middle sister. Perhaps it’s because of the lessons that our souls came here to learn, but let’s keep to the topic of being programmed eh?

In order for us to get to know ourSELVES, it’s important to notice the under”lying” beliefs, these ideas are what’s creating our lives today. We might have a belief like “I don’t matter” and that idea makes us feel less then, we don’t try anything new because “what’s the use” and most often we’re living in lack, limitation and fear.

If we have a belief that says “I matter” then life is easy, we seem to get what we want, we easily go after our dreams, people treat us in loving ways and we enjoy the journey in this earthly play.

We will always act in accordance with who we believe ourselves to be, the challenge is most of us are unaware of what’s going on deep inside, we struggle and we don’t know why. The why is because of our beliefs we carry inside.

Say for instance we might not choose to take responsibility for our lives, why would we do this? We’re acting in accordance with the belief “I don’t matter” By not taking responsibility we indirectly try to get people to show us that we matter by not taking responsibility. We’re not doing this consciously, we’re acting in accordance with what we believe, get it?

Many people say “Don’t bring up the past.” I will say, the past is in our nervous system and stored somewhere in our body and we will keep responding and reacting in the same ways until that part of us is acknowledged, LOVED and has a better understanding of what’s true.

Many people go about the day with a smile on their face and then “all the sudden” they get triggered. That trigger is bringing them back to an unresolved issue they didn’t want to deal with, that they pushed down. If you’re like me, or should I say how I used to be, you might be using addictions to substances like food, drugs, alcohol, smoking etc. to escape and numb the fear and the pain.

Oh my LOVES, we can’t escape our pain inside, it will keep popping it’s head on this earthly ride until that energy is shifted inside. It might not pop up in the same ways, it can come in the form of sabotage, having challenges in relationships, depression, etc.

Many times we’ll experience our unresolved issues in the form of physical ailments like stiffness, illness, muscle aches or headaches. This is also a way our bodies are saying, “Hey, pay attention to me, I want to release this energy, I need and want your LOVE today, can you be with me in a loving way.”

Our inner saboteur stems from our pain, coming from our inner child who really just want’s to feel safe, acknowledged and LOVED. Like I said above, ya can try to avoid feeling it, many people do, but it will keep popping it’s head or sabotaging you.

In order to truly BE free, we must look at our beliefs, conditioning and where we’re hurting and this isn’t an easy thing. But once we allow ourselves to cry and release the lies and the pent up energy inside, we’ll feel happier and free and more LOVE and creativity will flow naturally.

It’s not about “creating” a self image through affirmations and trying to be something we’re not, it’s about releasing the lies, tuning into our truth inside and letting this truth BE the place where we confide.

This is a process that many of us need to go through in order for more LOVE and light to flow through. In order to know our true SELVES we must release the covering, the shell. The negative imprints we picked up along the way is what needs to be transformed with LOVE so our energy can flow freely today.

Ya don’t need to go searching for your pain, it will come up at the right time, for now, keep on doing what’s in front of you today, knowing that everything is unfolding perfectly in this earthly play.

We’re all just children wanting to BE LOVED, once we release the pain around our heart we’re realize that LOVE is inside and LOVE will be what we’ll experience on this earthly ride.

Loving you beautiful souls

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