Have you ever received an inspiration, a new idea, a dream and ya got really EXCITED about it and then all of the sudden these excuses came up about why it can’t happen or you started feeling that it’s just too hard as you moved towards them? I get it, I’ve been there too. Why is this? Well most, if not all of us have some conditioning in the way that creates all kinds of reasons about why we can’t do something. These are the ideas, perceptions, behaviors and beliefs that we’ve picked up along the way about what is or isn’t possible for us in our earthly play. Are ya aware that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE? That your spirit/soul is truly free and that you can BE all that you were created to BE?

I know, sounds simple right? And it is, it just takes some awareness and courage to go inside and notice the beliefs you hold and where you confide. Where did you learn what you know, is it coming from the world or is it coming from your inner glow?

Many people just work on the surface level, however, it’s not about viewing who you want to BE and what you want to have and do just on a surface level, it’s about internalizing it and practicing it every day until it becomes your natural way. It isn’t even about programming your mind to BE a certain way, it’s about clearing a way so your divine pattern can flow through you today.

It does take a commitment to make positive change occur because the old you/the conditioned you will do anything in its power to stay the same. The reason why is that the old you has a built in survival mechanism to keep the status quo. Many teachers talk about our subconscious mind and say that It’s in the subconscious that our attitudes and behaviors spring. Yes, this is true too, but most often that’s also programming. The truth of YOU lives at your core, remove the conditioning and FEEL the light of your inner BEing instead of programming, get it?

Almost, if not all of my clients, myself included have gone through this process, it’s quite normal when we’re seeing from our human perspective. But seeing from our human perspective is often tainted and quite defective. Why? Because we base everything in our reality by what we’ve “learned” we can do, have or be. We see the world through our conditioning instead of from the light of our inner BEing. If ya really, really wanna be free, start to question everything and notice if it resonates with your inner BEing. Most of us aren’t even aware of the light inside because we’ve been blocked by fear or following what others told us to do or we’ve running from and numbing ourselves with substances like food, drugs, alcohol etc. We’ve been going about our day in an automatic/habitual way instead of feeling into our hearts and listening to what they have to say.

If the way you’re living is working for ya, to this I say GREAT! If not, it’s time to heal the inner debate. To go inside and notice where you and your true SELF collide. To remove the barriers that are in the way of allowing your divine pattern to flow through you today, this is really the more easier and natural way.

Let go of the effort and trying to achieve and instead connect with the light of your inner BEIng. Act on your inspirations as they come to you and let them guide you in what to do. Stay in the moment and keep doing your best every day and enjoy the journey in this earthly play.

You CAN do this, I’m over here cheering ya on, I believe in you and I LOVE YOU.

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